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Mulikani Community Bandas

Between Malindi and Lamu (Lower Tana Delta), Kenya

(Mulikani Community Bandas are situated on the mouth of the main Tana River
where it meets the Indian Ocean. Mulikani Community Lodge is a simple little lodge perched on the sand dunes just a few miles South-West of Kipini and overlooking the Indian Ocean. It was built 5 years ago with funding from the EU through their Biodiversity Conservation program.)


Mulikani Community Bandas


Mulikani Community Bandas

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Mulikani Community Bandas are situated on the mouth of the main Tana River where it meets the Indian Ocean. Perched atop the sand dunes, overlooking the ocean, the fresh water river & shade dappled mangrove swamps is a simply built lodge with thatched roof. Mulikani is managed by the community.


There is 35 km's of beach & ocean to enjoy, river fishing, mangroves to explore, boat trips up the main Tana River and over 400 bird species to identify. While at Mulikani Community Bandas you can enjoy interesting nature walks along the top of the dunes can produce wonderful bird sightings as well as occasionally buffalo, elephant, eland, bushbuck sightings.


Mulikani Community Bandas is a simple open lodge structure, with a dining, lounge area. All the kitchen and dining utensils are provided. There are no fridges or freezers and cooking is done over an open fire pit, there is a tin trunk oven.


There are chairs & tables. The lodge is staffed with friendly community members. There is a basic cook and staff to clean & do laundry. No fridges or freezers! The lodge is booked on self catering basis only. Fresh fish can be caught/ purchased daily.


Mulikani Community Bandas accommodation consists of 2 family cottages that sleep 4. Each with 1 double bed 2 singles beds Bed linen, mosquito nets & towels are provided.


There is a shared shower & toilet. While in a uniquely remote location with exciting and unusual access, this 6 bed lodge nevertheless offers all essential comforts as well gorgeous panoramic views out to sea and inland over the delta.


Mulikani Community Bandas


Mulikani Community Bandas Accommodation Rates/Prices

Rates for Residents & Non-Residents for the Year 2012

Self Catering Services


Accommodation Per Person per night
2,500 Kenyan shillings
Conservation fees Per person per night
800 Kenyan shillings
Transfer to Lodge from Kipini by boat per trip
3,500 Kenyan shillings
Full Day Mbililo trip up River Per boat
15,000 Kenyan shillings
Traditional Pokomo dancer’s
2,000 Kenyan shillings
Boat trips around the environs, price depends on fuel consumption & time spent out
Kenyan shillings



Mulikani Community Bandas Activities

* Bird watching on the rivers edge and through the mangroves
* Boat trips up the Tana River to see Hippo & Crocodile

* Cultural dancers (2,000 Kenya Shillings for the group)

* Beach walks, swimming, body surfing
* Shorter boat trips around the environs
* Walks, Hiking, Fishing

* Sundowners



Mulikani Community Bandas Activities
* Bird watching on the rivers edge and through the mangroves

* Boat trips up the Tana River to see Hippo & Crocodile

* Shorter boat trips around the environs

* Beach walks, swimming, body surfing
* Walks, Hiking, Fishing

* Cultural dancers
* Sundowners



Mulikani Community Bandas

Mulikani Community Bandas was built with the tremendous efforts of local people, all materials being carried through the forest and up the dunes and a well has been dug at the base to provide fresh water. It is fully furnished and equipped to accommodate a family or a small group on self-catering basis.


All bed linen, crockery, cutlery, glasses and kitchenware are on hand and the facilities consist of two bedrooms, a bathroom, living area and kitchen.

Mulikani Community Bandas has no refrigeration, so guests are advised to come with good cold boxes. Fresh fish & seafood can be bought daily from the local fishermen. The rooms are separate with thatched roofs and largely open sides. The lodge is managed and staffed by the community.


The lodge has its own motor boat and guests are collected from Kipini (or elsewhere on the river as required) and, skimming over the broad brown roiling waters of the Tana, will be brought to a point on the south bank a few miles up the river from the mouth.


Here one sets out on foot through an ancient mangrove forest with its huge mature trees and buttressed roots and then across an elevated walkway to the foot of the dunes.


The last bit if the journey involves something of a climb (not suitable for the old or infirm) but the view at the top makes it more than worthwhile. To reach the beach on the other side is down a gentler slope and the refreshing waves of the Indian Ocean lap at one’s doorstep providing endless swimming and surfing.


Miles of uninhabited beach can be explored to the South and a stroll the other way will take one within sight of the old Swahili village of Kipini.


Here one can see how the local fishermen prepare their nets and sample the delights of coastal Kenyan food. Fish and often prawns and crab can be bought fresh, as well as coconuts and most basic necessities.

The river is nearby to enjoy and he boat can take one all the way up to the Mbililo Channel an hour or two upstream, which offers unsurpassed viewing of hippo and crocodile.


The birdlife on the main river is wonderful too and monkeys leaping about in the treetops and the “African Queen” vegetation, dense at the water’s edge, makes it a memorable journey.


Heading inland on foot one has the Ozi forest to walk in (haunt of small elusive herds of elephant) as well as the flood plains. A pan, which is overlooking almost 100,000 acres with great variety in coastal thickets, baobabs, acacia and doum palm savannah, open plains, and mangrove swamps, bordered by the main river and with a beach frontage of 50 kilometers.



Mulikani Community Bandas Fact at a glance:
Mulikani Community Bandas Location

North of Mombasa, on Kenya’s Tana River, 15 minute boat ride from Kipini Setting Situated on top of enormous sand dunes, looking out to sea across a long stretch of wide, peaceful deserted beach and looking inland over flood plains of the Delta.


How to get there Fly on schedule flight to Lamu, take the Lamu Air charter to Kipini airstrip nearby. Otherwise schedule flight to Malindi followed by a road transfer from there of three plus hours, last stretch by boat.

Mulikani Community Bandas Accommodation

Accommodation 6 – 8 people in 2 cottages, built from mangrove poles and thatch, cool and shaded. The cottages are semi-open with wonderful views and nets enclose the twin beds.


Bathroom Large open sun-filled area, with flush toilet and running water. Basin and shower.

Mulikani Community Bandas Activities

Swimming, surfing, fishing, beach combing. Game viewing and bird watching by boat, walking safaris with armed rangers and visit to local communities, especially fishing village of Kipini.

Mulikani Community Bandas Highlights

Highlights Incredible beach/ bush mix. Total privacy and great vistas. Excellent bird life. Game viewing on land and crocodiles upstream.

Mulikani Community Bandas Seasons

High season: 1st July – 31st October + 15th December – 15th April
Low season: 16th April – 30th June + 1st November – 14th December
Closed in May

Mulikani Community Bandas is staffed with friendly community members. There is a basic cook and staff to clean & do laundry. The lodge is booked on self catering basis only.



How to get to Mulikani Community Bandas
From Malindi, take the main road to Lamu, at Witu take the turning right which leads you to down to Kipini. Approximately 2.5 hours drive. Malindi to Minjila – 134 kilometers, Minjila to Witu – 50 kilometers and Witu to Kipini – 20 kilometers.


Once at the Kenya Wildlife Service compound in Kipini, you will be met by the Community staff, they will assist you with your entire luggage to the boat.


The boat trip takes approximately 15 minutes over to the other side of the river mouth where there Mulikani Community Bandas are located.



Mulikani Community bandas

Mulikani Community Bandas have been recently renovated and are owned and managed by the Mulikani community, well suited for guests who are up for a bit of adventure.


The bandas are a great & affordable way to explore the Tana Delta and wetlands, there is also 35 kilometers of uninhabited beach and lots of fun to be had.


There is plenty to interest, the wonderful Pokomo and Orma people of the area, Kipini Village with the history and ancient grave yard, river trips, fishing, guided nature walks to name a few.

Mulikani Community Bandas are simply built with thatched roofs and open plan living. There are open air bathrooms, flush loos and fresh water showers ,comfortable and basic. There are staff and a cook to look after guests, all cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, glassware, nets and bedding are provided.

It is necessary to take ice and cool boxes, there are NO fridges or freezers. Fish and shell fish can be caught or bought fresh daily. Guests staying at
Mulikani Community Bandas directly support the Mulikani community and their conservation initiative.



Booking & Reservations for Mulikani Community Bandas

Booking Office Tel: + 254 (0) 20 2437871

Mobile : 0721242711 (Safaricom) - Kenya

Email: info@africanspicesafaris.com






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