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Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

Hotels, Lodges, Tented Camps & Accommodations




Lake Manyara - Tanzania Safari Lodges, Hotels, Cottages, Bush Homes & Tented Camps. Book Lake Manyara hotels & Lodges and save with African Spice Safaris. Lake Manyara National Park is located beneath the cliffs of the Manyara Escarpment, on the edge of the Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park offers varied ecosystems, incredible bird life, and breathtaking views.


Located on the way to Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, Lake Manyara National Park is well worth a stop in its own right. Its ground water forests, bush plains, baobab strewn cliffs, and algae-streaked hot springs offer incredible ecological variety in a small area, rich in wildlife and incredible numbers of birds.



Lake Manyara Lodges, Hotels, Camps Accommodation include; Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge, E Unoto Retreat Lodge, Lake Manyara Hotel, Lake Manyara View Lodge, and Lake Manyara Tree Lodge.


Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge
Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge
Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge


Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge is perched on the edge of the Mto Wa Mbu escarpment with one of the greatest views over the Great Rift Valley and its soda lake. It is difficult to imagine a more spectacular setting. Lake Manyara is renowned among ornithologists for its birds of prey and the famous tree-climbing lions that inhabit the woodland that nestles between the lake and the Rift Valley.


Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge glows with tranquility and peace. The design was inspired by the area's abundant bird life - swooping curves are complemented by soft, geometric patterns and stylish plaster moldings adorn the walls. Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge accommodation and public areas are housed in individual thatched circular buildings and are a tribute to local architectural traditions.


Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge has 54 guest rooms. One executive suite, 41 twin rooms and 12 triple rooms. The circular, closely-thatched rooms echo the traditional Masai 'Boma' style of construction whilst featuring a vibrant interior design concept that reflects the Masai people's abiding love of brilliant scarlet-and-indigo checked 'Shukas' (cloaks) and bright yellow, white, blue and orange beadwork.


Each room has a private veranda and breathtaking views of the shimmering reaches of the flamingo-frosted Lake. Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge is perched high above the Lake with endless views over the floor of the Great Rift Valley, the circular dining room and bright murals of the open-air bar area feature fabulous avian-inspired frescoes, colorful Masai artefacts and a unique domed basketwork ceiling hung with carved gourds and nest-shaped lanterns.


Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge activities, which are one of the lodge's specialties, include daily excursions to the Great Rift Valley and National Park, walking safaris, mountain bike and canoe safaris, mountain climbing, nature walks and traditional dance performances in the evenings. The lodge is a favorite of young clients seeking adventure activities and of those looking for a safari experience that is different from the usual one and which brings the visitors into close contact with nature and wildlife.


Price Per person Sharing: From 94 US Dollars | Full Details


Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Lake Manyara Tree Lodge; Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is tree house luxury in the heart of Lake Manyara and the only lodge in this small yet diverse national park. The ten tree houses are crafted from local materials and set in the boughs of ancient mahogany trees.


Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is located in the remote south western region of the park, allowing for leisurely tracking of the park’s famous tree-climbing lions and for unimpeded viewing of the flocks of pelicans and flamingoes, and the buffalo cooling in the soda lake. The tree houses have been crafted from local timber and makuti (palm fronds) and feature large open decks and spacious rooms.


Game drives are in open 4x4 vehicles, led by experienced rangers and guides. The wildlife in Lake Manyara National Park is used to the presence of humans, thus making game drives and night drives all the more rewarding. Masai naturalists can lead you on bush walks in the vicinity of the camp, providing an ideal opportunity for you to learn more about the fascinating fauna and flora in Lake Manyara National Park.


* Facilities; Swimming pool
* Paid activities; Visits to Olduvai Gorge

* Free activities; Bird watching, game drives

* Children at Lake Manyara Tree Lodge Children under 12 not accepted

* Lake Manyara Tree Lodge accommodation 10 Tree Houses built on stilts

* Weather Dry season Jan to Feb and Jul to Oct, long rains Apr to Jun, short rains Nov to Dec
* Location of Lake Manyara Tree Lodge South western region of the Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
* Getting to Lake Manyara Tree Lodge 8.5 hours international flight, 1.5 hours international flight by light aircraft, 1 hour domestic flight by light aircraft, then 1.5 hours by road

Price Per person Sharing: From 610 US Dollars | Full Details


Manyara Ranch Tented Camp
Manyara Ranch Tented Camp


Manyara Ranch Tented Camp

Manyara Ranch Tented Camp is located inside Manyara Ranch Conservancy which is within the wildlife corridor between Tarangire and Manyara National Parks in Tanzania, offers a superb wilderness area with an excellent cultural mix for the active traveler in Tanzania.


Manyara Ranch Tented Camp provides guided game walks, day and night drives, 4x4 safari extensions to nearby parks, visits to partner villages and activities including horse riding with big game, bush breakfast and dinners and participative research activities to promote ongoing conservation projects in collaboration with the African Wildlife Foundation. All of this in the heart of the northern safari circuit makes Manyara Ranch Conservancy an ideal destination for a longer stay.


Price Per person Sharing: From 350 US Dollars | Full Details



Nsya Lodge & Camp

Nsya Lodge & Camp is based in Mto-wa-Mbu just 5 minutes drive from Lake Manyara and 2 hours drive from Arusha. Welcome to the green oasis of Mto-Wa-Mbu, where you can see a mixture of different Tanzanian cultures, while enjoying the tropical vegetation at the foot of the Rift Valley. Through NSYA Lodge we can organize activities such as:

Bird watching

* Night game drives

* Hiking to the waterfalls

* Biking to the Lake Manyara

* A visit to the Masai cultural village

* Day walk to the village / walking safaris on the park boundaries


Price Per person Sharing: From US Dollars | Full Details








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