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Idyllic Mistley House

Kiambu, Kenya

(Idyllic Mistley House is a beautiful 70-year old house that is surrounded by close to 6 acres of indigenous plants, soaring trees, ponds, and streams. Idyllic Mistley House is a team building facility with hotel and conferencing venues and is located 14 kilometers from Nairobi in Kiambu. Idyllic Mistley House as a venue is accessible and less than 30-minutes drive from the city centre)



Idyllic Mistley House


Idyllic Mistley House

Idyllic Mistley House View Rates, Discounted Prices - Book & Save Now!

Idyllic Mistley House is conveniently located within 25 minutes of the Central Business District in Kiambu. It is the perfect get away place and retreat centre with a serene atmosphere for your complete relaxation. Idyllic Mistley House has the advantage of being near the city and boasts of a unique challenge course.


Idyllic Mistley House is the place to experience the true Outdoor Team Building Activities. Set in a serene and spacious compound within greater Nairobi city, it is easily accessible via Thika super highway, the Northern bypass and Kiambu - Ruiru road.


It is the place to be for team building activities, conferencing, camping and adventure including off-site backpacking, trekking and mountaineering.


The house natural vegetation including indigenous trees gives it a genuine wilderness ambiance suitable for all your outdoor activities. Idyllic Mistley House has good training programmes for team building facilitated by highly qualified staff.




Idyllic Mistley House

Idyllic Mistley House


Idyllic Mistley House Accommodation Prices

Idyllic Mistley House Charges (Trainer /Venue / Meals)

Team Building Charges

Team Building Charges 20 Guests

Lunch + 2 Teas

- Kenya Shillings

- Kenya Shillings

Team Building Charges 20 - 40 Guests (1st 20 Guests)

Then (20 - 40 Guests ) per Guest

Lunch + 2 Teas

- Kenya Shillings
- Kenya Shillings

- Kenya Shillings

Team Building Charges 40 Guests

Then (20 - 40 Guests ) per Guest

Then 40 Guest

Lunch + 2 Teas

- Kenya Shillings

- Kenya Shillings

- Kenya Shillings

- Kenya Shillings

Camping Rates (East African Citizens)

Campsite, Dinner, Breakfast, 2 Man Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad, One Guest

- Kenya Shillings


Camping Rates (Kenya Resident)

Campsite, Dinner, Breakfast, 2 Man Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad, One Guest

- Kenya Shillings


Camping Rates (Non- Resident)

Campsite, Dinner, Breakfast, 2 Man Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad, One Guest

- Kenya Shillings


Conferencing Per Day

- Kenya Shillings

LCD Projector Per Day

- Kenya Shillings

Mountaineering (Rock Technical Climbing)

Batian guiding fees per person



- US Dollars

2 Guests - US Dollars Each

3 Guests - US Dollars Each

Mountaineering (Rock Techical Climbing)

Nelion guiding fees per person



1 Guest - US Dollars

2 Guests - US Dollars Each

3 Guests - US Dollars Each


* For Team building, teams are effective between 10 and 50 Guests for everyone to actively participate
A larger group may need to be split into smaller groups and scheduled accordingly

* All participants must not be under alcoholic influence
Come with your sports gear




Idyllic Mistley House Sample Programme
– Arrival 0830 Hours
– Registration 0830 Hours – 0845 Hours
– Interactive session 0845 Hours – 1000 Hours
– Morning tea break 1000 Hours – 1030 Hours
– Field activities 1030 Hours – 1300 Hours
– Lunch break 1300 Hours – 1400 Hours
– Ropes (challenge} course 1400 Hours – 1630 Hours
– Afternoon Tea 1630 Hours – 1700 Hours
– Final debrief 1700 Hours – 1730 Hours
– Socializing/departure After 1730 Hours



Idyllic Mistley House Sample menu
1000 Hours Tea /coffee /chocolate /sweet potatoes /arrow roots /mandazi
Starter soup vegetable / bone / buns

* Beef stew
* Mbuzi choma
* Chicken dry fry

* Rice -Mukimo
* Chapati
* Roast potatoes-
* Vegetables


* Pine-apples/water-melons

– 1 Soda 300 ML
– 2 Mineral water (500 ml)

– 1600 Hours Tea/coffee/chocolate/samosa/biscuites




Idyllic Mistley House Facilities

Catering Services

Idyllic Mistley House has all standard services you would find in a hotel. This includes a fully equipped kitchen able to offer a wide range of local and international cuisines. The restaurant serves buffet meals at lunch and dinner, and light meal menu on request.


Conferencing Facilities

Idyllic Mistley House provides excellent meeting venues for small and large groups. The main conference room can hold up to 100 guests and there are 3 other smaller lounges for group discussions or small groups.


All the necessary conference equipments are available and include whiteboards, flip charts, white screen and LCD for power point projection. For those seeking to mix conferencing with relaxation, Idyllic Mistley House offers the most competitive package.

Team Building & Out Door Learning Experiences

Idyllic Mistley House provide an excellent venue for activities like experiential education and challenge courses which are the most effective adventure-based learning activities. It is useful both at individual and corporate level as it helps in forming positive attitudes and other problem-solving skills including leadership and communication.


Team building activities include both high and low ropes courses each designed to challenge the individual and test their mental strength and determination.


Through a series of adventure games and ground-level group initiative obstacles, participants will be invited to explore teamwork strategies and demonstrate for themselves the importance of planning, cooperation, and communication in pursuit of common goals.


Success will depend not only upon individual strengths but upon creativity, tenacity, strategic planning, shared risk taking, the allocation of group resources, and the ability of the group to create a climate in which individuals are able to trust each other and in which each member's contributions are recognized and valued.


For the dream wedding, Idyllic Mistley House organise lunches, banquets, buffets and multi-course dinners. The house and grounds provide the perfect backdrop for this. Catering for up to 500 guests, the house offers the most comprehensive and competitive package, tailored to meet your individual needs

Idyllic Mistley House Services

Idyllic Mistley House participate and host cultural events including rites of passage/circumcision and showcase traditional events. The house also host foreign students or researchers wishing to learn Kenyan cultures and arrange home stays for them (Tent-camping) or day visits to witness cultural events. The goal is to be an international centre where guests can be accommodated and at the same time study Kenya's heritage and culture.


Idyllic Mistley House also offers outdoor activities when you want adventure. The house has a sister company called Afritrek Mountaineering that offers various activities which include:

* Camping

* Cultural Visits

* Sport Fishing
* Mountaineering
* Adrenaline Ropes

* Mountain Biking



Idyllic Mistley House

Idyllic Mistley House



Camping is part of the outdoor leadership programme offered at Idyllic Mistley House, where a wide range of outdoor activities are offered including mountain climbing backpacking, trekking, navigational (orienteering) and tent camping. These activities are great fun and some are off-site activities. They are guided by experienced staff with relevant accreditation to Mt. Kenya tour guides/ Kenya Wildlife Services to Mt. Kenya National Park.



Idyllic Mistley House offers Mountain climbing packages to either Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro. The house also organizes trekking and backpacking packages to Mount Longonot, the Abardares, Oldonyo subuk etc.


Mountain Biking

Cycling using mountain bikes within nearby coffee estate completes physical activities at Idyllic Mistley House.


Adrenaline Ropes

A high ropes (challenge) course for an adrenaline charge is built among the natural vegetation and is both physically and mentally challenging. It prepares you well for the rigors of mountain climbing.


Sport Fishing

You may also try sport fishing in our natural ponds within Idyllic Mistley House and at a nearby dam within the coffee estate.


Cultural Visits

Idyllic Mistley House also organize cultural visits to the different communities of Kenya to experience the many different types of tribes Kenya has to offer. It is a good learning experience to see how other people live and relate and it's also an adventure to experience new cultures.


Booking & Reservations for Idyllic Mistley House located 14 kilometers from Nairobi in Kiambu, Nairobi - Kenya

Booking Office Tel: + 254 (0) 20 2437871

Mobile : 0721242711 (Safaricom) - Kenya

Email: info@africanspicesafaris.com







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