Alleyne House Bofa Beach, Kilifi Kenya
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Alleyne House Bofa Beach Kilifi | Kenya
Private Beach House For Rent During Your Holiday in Kilifi | Kenya

(Alleyne House is a private rental Home situated right on Bofa Beach in Kilifi. You can rent the house and have you own home away from home. Kilifi is the first Town North of Mombasa about half-way to Malindi. Kilifi Town is 60 kilometers North of Mombasa on the Mombasa-Malindi highway. Alleyne House Kilifi is about 2 kilometers past the police station in Kilifi just before the Mara Engai Indian Ocean Retreat)


Alleyne House in Kilifi
Alleyne House in Kilifi
Alleyne House in Kilifi
Alleyne House in Kilifi


Alleyne House - Kilifi, Kenya

Alleyne House Kilifi, View Rates, Discounted Prices - Book & Save Now!

Alleyne House Kilifi is a Beach home/ Beach house on the Indian Ocean Kenya Kilifi and can accommodate up to 6 guests. Alleyne House is a simple house situated right on Bofa Beach in Kilifi. You can rent it and thus have you own home away from home.


Alleyne House in Kilifi has a permanent house servant/ caretaker called Ndurya will cook simple dishes, clean, wash and iron 'except ladies underwear) There is also a gardener and a night watchman. They do not live in the main house. Shehe goes home after duty and returns in the morning. The gardener has his own little house on the plot but you'll not be disturbed.


Alleyne House in Kilifi has one large bedroom with twin beds, a smaller one with twin beds and an even smaller one with twin beds. Mattresses, pillows, blankets and mosquito nets are provided, with the two lager rooms having walk in nets.


The small bathroom has a bath, shower, basin and toilet with water heated by electricity which is switched on in the kitchen and should be turned off when not required. There is an open shower behind the kitchen to rinse off after swimming.


Please keep showers to a minimum necessity, since water is worth a lot in Kilifi and not always available in abundance. The kitchen has a gas stove and a fridge with internal deep freeze. There is an extra fridge in the dining area for cold water and drinks. Local fisherman will usually bring fish to the door when weather permits.


Kilifi town centre has a shopping centre and a supermarket (Al-Anwar) stocking groceries, bread, milk, sugar, flower, cans and all usual requirements 'except items forbidden for muslims. The Market nearby has fruits and vegetables and there is a good butchery close by.


There are three pharmacies and at least two shops, a Tuskys now too.....stocking beer, wine, spirits and water. There is also an ATM at Barclays bank that accepts Visa and Master cards. The post office is close to the market. There is also a petrol station which can provide minor car services, fuel, batteries and tire service.


Alleyne House Kilifi
Alleyne House Kilifi


Alleyne House Kilifi Accommodation Prices

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1st Jan 2014
31st Dec 2014


Kenya Shillings


Kenya Shillings



* Alleyne House is a simple house situated right on Bofa Beach, Kilifi where there is no mass tourism

Alleyne House offers the following amenities and services:

* Linen and towels are provided

* 1 Double bedroom with twin beds

* 2 Smaller rooms with 2 twin beds each

* Mosquito nets and blankets are provided

* A Large enclosed veranda, used as living area

* Staff include a houseman/ cook, gardener and night guard



Accepted Mode of Payment

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Alleyne House Day Trips & Safaris from Kilifi

Day Trip to Mida Creek from Alleyne House Kilifi

Mida Creek is large, from the spectacular entrance from the sea, with its dramatic water currents and coral outcrops, up to the far ends that are a tangled ribbon of channels and sandbanks, and the ideal places for wetland birds to feed at low tide.


Approximately 6kms long, the creek has many narrower brackish and fresher tributaries where the waters are still and clear, and the mangrove forest is enveloping.


Mida creek is a large creek lined with mangrove forest and renowned for its waders, kingfishers and crab plovers. Bird watching, fishing, mangrove walks, and leisure boat trips can be arranged by several groups in Watamu. Water skiing and other water sports are also available.

Dhow Rides on Kilifi Creek/ Fishing Trips

Big game fishing is widely available on the North coast. There are many highly skilled local operators in Malindi. Hemingway's Hotel in Watamu is a fishing resort with an excellent international reputation. Excellent boats with state of the art equipment are available for full and half day charter.


The main game fish include Sailfish and Marlin, Kingfish, Wahoo, Horse Mackerel and others. A tag and release program ensures eco-friendly fishing. Big game fishing can be arranged in season (December-March).

Gedi Ruins

The Gedi Ruins are one of Kenya and East Africa's great mysteries. The puzzle surrounding this abandoned town adds to its haunting beauty that captivates and frightens locals and tourists alike to this day. It is thought that the town was founded in the early 13th Century due to finds like a Ming China vase and Venetian glass. Gedi was then mysteriously abandoned in the late 17th Century.


One reason that this may have occurred is due to tribes from the north migrating down into the forest where Gedi lies and forcing the inhabitants out. However the main puzzle is that there are no records of the town in Portuguese, Arabic or Swahili scripts.


As it lies 2 miles outside Watama on the Malindi to Mombasa road it was close to other settlements, yet no references have been found to date. Pottery was found from all over the world suggesting a centre of trade and therefore the obscurity of Gedi in records is even more intriguing.

The outlay is like a typical medieval Swahili town. Points of interest are the Palace and Great Mosque. Also interesting is the amazingly uniform and sophisticated toilets. Today Gedi is a glorious ruined town that has intermingled with the jungle.

Watamu Beach

Watamu Beach situated 20 kilometers south of Malindi town hosts a delightful Marine park covering 30 km of coastline. Breathtaking coral gardens teem with brightly colored tropical fish and the tranquil Mida Creek borders an ancient mangrove forest.


Watamu is a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts and avid or novice scuba divers as it harbors one of the world's most spectacular marine parks . Motorized water sports are not available. Watamu is about 170 km from Mombasa Airport with a transfer time of approximately 2 hours.

Bike The Coast

Discover Africa off the beaten track with Bike the Coast: local people in their settlements and traditional African villages, palm- and mango-tree forests, different climate zones, fantastic views on Creeks and the Mombasa North Coast Area, bush along the Indian Ocean....Bike the Coast offers guided half day Bush-Tours on safe unpaved roads with no traffic. With the mountain-bike you come closer to the local life than with any other mean. All the equipment provided.

Other places of Interest from Kilifi

* Hell's Kitchen

* Watamu Turtle Watch

* Kilifi Creek and Vuma Caves

* Windsurfing & kite surfing in Kilifi

* Nguuni Nature Sanctuary, Mombasa

* Haller Park (Bamburi Nature Trail), Mombasa

* Golfing at Nyali Golf & Country Club, Mombasa

* Ngomongo Villages is a sustainable eco-cultural tourist village

* Bobmbolulu workshops are located along the north coast of Mombasa

* Arabuko-Sokoke National Reserve is the largest stretch of coastal forest

* Tana River and Kora National Reserve is the only home of the Hunter's antelope

* Mamba Village, which is situated in Nyali, is East Africa?s largest crocodile farm

* Malindi is about 55 km's from Malindi Town and driving takes about 1 hours 15 minutes

* Yuls Restaurant for Indian Curries & Masalas, Angus-Steaks, Giant Burgers and grilled Seafood

* Kipepeo butterfly Centre sells butterfly and moth pupae and other live insects as well as honey and silk cloth produced by the community. Our pupae are exported and the live insects hatched and displayed in insect parks globally

* Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya. Lying next to the Indian Ocean, it has a major port and an international airport



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