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Zanzibar Day Trips City Tours: We have many possible day-trips and tours in Zanzibar, the majority of which are most easily reached from Stone Town.

Our staff in Zanzibar Island can help you to organize these.

Zanzibar Day Trips City Tours Programmes


Changuu Island (Prison Island) Zanzibar ½ Day Tour – Zanzibar island

Changuu Island (Prison Island) Zanzibar half day tour is an exciting tour to Changuu Island (also known as Kibandiko, Prison or Quarantine Island) – a small island 3.5 miles (5.6 km) north-west of Stone Town, Unguja, Zanzibar. About 30 minutes by boat from Stone Town. Now it is the home of Zanzibar’s Giant Aldabran Tortoise colony, some of which are over a hundred years old!  Feed and pet the tortoises, do a spot of snorkeling or stroll through the forested interior to look for Birds and animals.

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Chumbe Island Coral Park Day Trip from Zanzibar – Zanzibar Island

Chumbe Island Coral Park day trip from Zanzibar is a tour to a small privately owned island about 6 miles by boat off of the coast of Zanzibar known as Chumbe Island.The island can be reached by a 45 min boat ride from Mbweni Beach. The tour includes  boat trip from Mbweni Ruins to Chumbe Island, lunch and drinks, snorkelling (inclusive snorkelling equipment), guided forest walk and if possible a lodge for day-use. Snorkeling trips here guarantee an extraordinary underwater experience!

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Deep Sea Fishing in Zanzibar Day Tour – Zanzibar Island

Deep Sea Fishing in Zanzibar Day Tour takes you to Ras Nungwi – a Fishing village in Zanzibar situated in close proximity to some of Africa’s best deep sea fishing grounds. The waters between Zanzibar and Pemba are home to some excellent year round game fishing opportunities. During a game fishing trip one may catch Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Kingfish, Wahoo, Barracuda etc. The boats are comfortable with lots of snacks, cold drinks, patient and knowledgable captain.

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Freddie Mercury Tour Stone Town – Zanzibar Island

Freddie Mercury Tour stone town is a 2-hour walking tour of Stone Town  following the footsteps of Zanzibar’s most famous son, Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, skilled musician, flamboyant showman, and a local Zanzibarian. Wander through Shangani, where Freddie Mercury was born and lived with his family. Visit the Zanzibar Gallery shop, once home to Mercury’s family, and receive a Freddie Mercury T-shirt. Enjoy lunch at the seafront Mercury’s restaurant.

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Guided Shopping Tour of Zanzibar – Zanzibar Island

Guided shopping tour of Zanzibar offers the best arts and crafts that the island can offer. Bring home souvenirs like intricately carved furniture, baskets, and rugs, explore the different areas of the island, and experience the local culture. Get hand-carved furniture, kanga clothing with a Western twist, pearls, local jewelry, colorful decorative pieces for your home, woven baskets, rugs and much, much more. A perfect way to end a trip to Zanzibar, you can collect souvenirs.

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Honeymoon Sunset Cruise Tour – Zanzibar Island

Honeymoon sunset cruise tour is a romantic sunset dhow sailing excursion in Zanzibar – the exotic town of Spice Romance and Love. It offers an exclusive experience were the 2 of you celebrate newly made vows. The sunset cruise begins when you board a dhow and sail for 2 hours trip around Zanzibar. This is another side of Zanzibar from the ocean. The tour departs from Serena Inn at 1630 hours and returns to the beach front of Stone town 1830 hours.

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Jambiani Cultural Village Tour of Zanzibar – Zanzibar Island

Jambiani Cultural Village Tour of Zanzibar is a full day excursion to Jambiani village located on the southeast coast of Zanzibar. The trip takes about 2 hours from Stone Town. Jambiani is tiny and everything is easy walking distance. You will experience rural Zanzibar life. The tour enables you get to meet locals and experience the village life, visit a seaweed farm, learn about Zanzibari handicrafts, visit a school and/ or health clinic and enjoy the delicious local Swahili food.

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Jozani Forest Half Day Tour – Zanzibar Island

Jozani Forest half day tour is a 3 hour guided excursion to the Jozani Natural Forest located 38 Kilometers south-east of Stone Town. It is the only natural forest in Zanzibar Island and is the home of the rare Red Colobus Monkey, which is only endemic to this forest. The forest also has over 2000 monkeys. Unique species including the Sykes monkey, bush babies, Ader’s duiker, over 50 species of butterfly and 40 species of birds.

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Jozani Forest, Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, Zala Park Day Tour – Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, ZALA Park, Jozani Forest Day Tour is a 3 hour tour to Jozani Forest, Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, and ZALA Park to see unique plant and animal life. The tour begins with Jozani Forest Zanzibar red colobus monkey, Sykes’ monkeys, bush babies, civets, giant elephant shrews, and many species of birds. Next visit Zanzibar Butterfly Centre with hundreds of butterflies and ZALA Park with exotic reptiles and amphibians, as well as duikers, bush babies, and hyrax.

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Kizimkazi Village Dolphin Tour Full Day Trip – Zanzibar Island

Kizimkazi Village Dolphin Tour Full day trip safari to the popular dolphin spotting location in Zanzibar in Kizimkazi village located on the Southern coast of Zanzibar about 53 km’s South of Stone Town. Here you can see both bottle-nose and humpback dolphins. This day trip offers you the experience of a lifetime – a chance to swim with dolphins.  Being very social one can get to play with them.  See and swim with dolphins, Snorkel at a beautiful coral reef and enjoy the Indian Ocean.

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Local Game Fishing with Zanzibar Fishermen – Zanzibar Island

Local game fishing with Zanzibar fishermen offers you a unique opportunity to sail out to sea with a Zanzibar fishermen and show you what ‘fishing for a living’ is really all about. Forget fishing in a modern fishing vessel with the latest in reels and rods and a fighting chair as well! We will equip you with simple fishing gear with what locals use to catch fish like king fish, tuna, barracuda etc.  Our day trip includes the boat ride, fishing guide, local fishing gear, fruits and soft drinks.

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Mangapwani Coral Cave + Nungwi Village Day Tour – Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Mangapwani Coral Cave and Nungwi Village day tour begins with a trip to Mangapwani Cave which lies on the coast, about 20 km’s north of Zanzibar Town.  Mangapwani Village is a 30 minutes drive from Zanzibar Stone town. Mangapwani cave was a secret hideout where slaves were kept illegally and transported by dhow. After a tour of the Slave Cave, we drive you to Nungwi fishing village – an hour drive from the caves to enjoy one of Zanzibar’s most spectacular beaches.

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