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Tanzania Safaris are something special, whatever your age, budget, interests or previous safari experience. Few destinations in Africa can rival Tanzania’s diversity of wildlife, cultures and landscapes.

From the classic savannah destinations of the Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater to the beaches and coral reefs of Zanzibar and the tropical coast, a Tanzania safari holiday delivers one massive experience after another.

And that’s before you discover the off-the-beaten-track experiences such as chimpanzee trekking in the magisterial rainforests of Mahale and Gombe or game viewing in the super-remote Selous Game Reserve.

Even fewer destinations however can offer an experience to match the Serengeti Migration.

Forming the centerpiece of most Tanzania safaris, the wildebeest migration is regarded as nature at her most extravagant and involves hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelope migrating around the Masai Mara/ Serengeti ecosystem.

Tanzania offers a wide range of safaris for both first-timers and seasoned campaigners.

The ease with which a child-friendly safari can be combined with a beach holiday makes Tanzania a shoo-in for families while the country’s most exclusive and luxurious safari lodges and beach retreats make for an unforgettable Tanzania honeymoon.

And for a full East Africa safari experience, our experts have selected a range of Kenya & Tanzania safari combinations.

Browse our range of Tanzania safari itineraries for ideas and inspiration or simply contact one of our African Safari Experts for assistance with planning a tailor-made tour.

Tanzania Safari Itineraries


African Spice Safaris Tanzania Safari Tours are classified into four broad areas: the famous ‘Northern circuit’ safaris; the wild parks of southern Tanzania; the remote safaris of western Tanzania; and the beaches of the coast & islands.

A Northern Tanzania Safari includes the Ngorongoro Crater which is part of the Ngorongoro Conservation area, the Serengeti popularly known for the Wildebeest migration, Lake Manyara National Park with its healthy lion population famous for tree-climbing and Tarangire National Park known for its elephant population.

The parks in Southern Tanzania cover huge areas and offer great game-viewing in remote areas. There is no ‘migration here – but the game is excellent. You will enjoy the real feeling of wilderness here and complete lack of crowds! These parks include Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park, Mikumi and Udzungwa national parks.

A Western Tanzania Safari gives you an option of two of Africa’s most remote safari parks, Katavi National Park with excellent game, including buffalo, lion and an unbeatable feeling of wilderness. Mahale Mountains National Park is the best place in the world for chimpanzee’s safaris!

Our classic Tanzania Safari Tours all combine well with trips to the beach! Tanzania’s beaches include Zanzibar, Mafia Archipelago, Pemba Island and Ras Kutani. Tanzania safari accommodation consists of a mix of bush lodges, tented camps and luxury beach hotels.

African Spice Safaris Tanzania itineraries also introduce you to the many cultures in the region, from the Hadzabe people, the last Bushmen in Africa, to the proud Maasai.

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