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Tanzania Domestic Flights: We arrange flights to and within Tanzania for most of our travelers and have excellent flights rates.

We book daily flights to all essential tourist destinations in Tanzania. Search for your flight below and book with us for great deals.

You will find the lowest airfare to 20+ destinations in Tanzania.

We provide both Scheduled and charter flights to regional cities and parks like Arusha, Grumeti, Kogatende, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Selous, Dar-es-salaam , Grumeti  etc.

Looking for a flight to Tanzania? You could relax on white sandy beaches, swim in the India Ocean or climb Mt Kilimanjaro if you book one of cheap flights to Tanzania with us today !

Tanzania Domestic Flights | Local Charters Booking

Our Tanzania Domestic Flights include air charter operator in Tanzania. Our private charters include Flying Safari Charters for wildife Photography and to beach holidays.

We provide corporates and Holidaymakers with different charter flights solutions through out Tanzania and neighboring countries.

Air charters are convenient, reasonable to groups travelling together, hassle free and most importantly productive by arriving to your destination early, relaxed & refreshed.

In addition chartered aircrafts can get into the most remote places and unmanned airfields in Tanzania where other airlines don’t operate. More Details

Helicopter Scenic Flights | Tanzania Domestic Flights

We organizes sight seeing and scenery flights experiences by Helicopter. There are scenery flights tours for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes available.

These flights showcase Mount Kilimanjaro, Coffee Plantations, Wildlife at Lemosho Route, West Kilimanjaro, Lake Challa  at Holili  near Tanzania/ Kenya border much more.

Nothing else comes close to touching the magic of vertical flight, from the moment you lift into the air to the second the helicopter settles gracefully back on the ground, it is an unforgettable experience!

Take your seat as the pilot climbs gracefully to over 1,000 feet above ground and accelerates to over 80 miles an hour. You can book as an individual or as a group of 2, 3 or 4 maximum.

We fly to unmanned airfields in Tanzania where other airlines don’t operate. More Details

2015 Tanzania Domestic Flights, Destinations & Prices

Airfare Prices Per Person (Exclusive of Airport Tax, Safety Fees and Fuel Surcharge)
Dates  1st Jun 2015  to 31st May 2016

 Arusha RoutePrice Per AdultDeparture TimeArrival  Time
 Arusha to Dar-es-saalam295 US Dollars 1215 Hours1420 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Arusha250  US Dollars 0915 Hours 1215 Hours
 Arusha to Dar-es-saalam295 US Dollars1315  Hours 1620 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Arusha250  US Dollars1400  Hours1745 Hours
 Arusha to Kilimanjaro70 US Dollars 1145 Hours 1200 Hours
 Kilimanjaro to  Arusha70 US Dollars0700 Hours 0715 Hours
 Arusha to Kilimanjaro70  US Dollars0700 Hours 1830 Hours
 Kilimanjaro to  Arusha 70 US Dollars1230 Hours1245 Hours
 Arusha to  Lake Manyara95 US Dollars725 Hours745 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Arusha95 US Dollars 1125 Hours 1145 Hours
 Arusha to  Lake Manyara95  US Dollars 1300 Hours1325 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Arusha 95 US Dollars 1740 Hours1805 Hours
 Arusha to Pemba Island350 US Dollars1215  Hours1530 Hours
 Pemba Island  to Arusha350 US Dollars1215 Hours 1745 Hours
 Arusha to Rubondo535 US Dollars1300 Hours1730 Hours
 Rubondo to Arusha– US Dollars–  Hours–  Hours
 Arusha to Ruaha 365 US Dollars1215  Hours 1400 Hours
 Ruaha to Arusha 365 US Dollars1020 Hours1140 Hours
 Arusha to Saadani295 US Dollars1315 Hours1730 Hours
 Saadani to Arusha350 US Dollars1015 Hours1245 Hours
 Arusha to Selous490 US Dollars 1215 Hours1515 Hours
 Selous to Arusha440 US Dollars  0700 Hours 1125 Hours
 Arusha to Serengeti290  US Dollars0725 Hours935 Hours
 Arusha to Serengeti290 US Dollars1300 Hours1515 Hours 
 Arusha to Tarangire130 US Dollars 1215 Hours1230 Hours
 Tarangire to Arusha 130 US Dollars  1120 Hours1135 Hours
 Arusha to Tarime 375 US Dollars 0725 Hours1025 Hours
 Tarime to Arusha375 US Dollars 1330 Hours1805 Hours
 Arusha to Zanzibar295 US Dollars 1215 Hours1345 Hours
 Zanzibar to Arusha 250 US Dollars 0930 Hours1125 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam Route
 Dar-es-salaam to Kilimanjaro250 US Dollars 0915 Hours1200 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Kilimanjaro250 US Dollars 1400 Hours1720 Hours
 Kilimanjaro to Dar-es-salaam295 US Dollars 1400 Hours1620 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Mafia Island 125 US Dollars  1045 Hours1115 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Mafia Island125 US Dollars 1500 Hours 1530 Hours
 Mafia Island to Dar-es-salaam125 US Dollars 1245 Hours1315 Hours
 Mafia Island to Dar-es-salaam125 US Dollars 1546 Hours1615 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Lake Manyara340 US Dollars0900  Hours1325 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Dar-es-salaam 365 US Dollars 1125 Hours1420  Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Pemba140 US Dollars1400 Hours1505 Hours
 Pemba to Dar-es-salaam140 US Dollars1635 Hours1735 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Ruaha365 US Dollars0830 Hours 1100 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Ruaha 365 US Dollars0830  Hours0950 Hours
 Ruaha to Dar-es-salaam365 US Dollars1145 Hours1350 Hours
 Ruaha to Dar-es-salaam365 US Dollars1400 Hours1530 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Saadani150 US Dollars0915 Hours1000 Hours
 Saadani to Dar-es-salaam150 US Dollars 1515 Hours1620 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Selous 195 US Dollars 0830 Hours 0915 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Selous195 US Dollars1045 Hours 1130 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Selous195 US Dollars1430 Hours1515 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Selous195 US Dollars1630 Hours1745 Hours
 Selous to Dar-es-salaam195 US Dollars0700 Hours0745 Hours
 Selous to Dar-es-salaam195 US Dollars0945 Hours1020 Hours
 Selous to Dar-es-salaam195 US Dollars1315 Hours1350 Hours
 Selous to Dar-es-salaam195 US Dollars1525 Hours1615 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Serengeti530 US Dollars0730 Hours0950 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Zanzibar75 US Dollars 0900 Hours0920 Hours
 Dar-es-salaam to Zanzibar75 US Dollars1400  Hours1420 Hours
 Zanzibar to Dar-es-salaam75 US Dollars0800 Hours 0820 Hours
 Zanzibar to Dar-es-salaam75 US Dollars1400 Hours1420 Hours
Kilimanjaro Route
 Kilimanjaro to Lake Manyara145 US Dollars0700 Hours 0745 Hours
 Kilimanjaro to Lake Manyara 145 US Dollars1230 Hours1325 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Kilimanjaro145 US Dollars1125  Hours1200 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Kilimanjaro145 US Dollars1740 Hours 1830 Hours
 Kilimanjaro to Serengeti360 US Dollars0700 Hours 0940 Hours
 Kilimanjaro to Serengeti360 US Dollars1230 Hours1535  Hours
 Kilimanjaro to Serengeti360 US Dollars0630 Hours1010 Hours
 Kilimanjaro to Tarime430 US Dollars0700 Hours1025 Hours
 Mafia Island Route
 Mafia Island to Pemba Island265 US Dollars1230 Hours1505 Hours
 Pemba Island to Mafia Island265 US Dollars1200 Hours1530 Hours
 Mafia Island to Selous305 US Dollars1245 Hours1515 Hours
 Selous to Mafia Island305 US Dollars0945 Hours1115 Hours
 Mafia Island to Zanzibar175 US Dollars1245 Hours1420 Hours
 Mafia Island to Zanzibar175 US Dollars1545 Hours1705 Hours
 Zanzibar to Mafia175 US Dollars0930 Hours1115 Hours
 Zanzibar to Mafia175 US Dollars1400 Hours1530
Lake Manyara Route
 Lake Manyara to Ruaha460 US Dollars1125 Hours1400 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Selous575 US Dollars1125 Hours1515 Hours
 Selous to Lake Manyara575 US Dollars0700 Hours1215 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Serengeti240 US Dollars0755 Hours935 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Serengeti240 US Dollars1340 Hours1535 Hours
 Serengeti to Lake Manyara240 US Dollars0920 Hours1120 Hours
 Serengeti to Lake Manyara240 US Dollars1615 Hours1730 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Tarime330 US Dollars0755 Hours1025 Hours
 Tarime to Lake Manyara330 US Dollars1430 Hours1730 Hours
 Lake Manyara to Zanzibar365 US Dollars1125 Hours1345 Hours
  Zanzibar to Lake Manyara340 US Dollars0930 Hours1325 Hours
 Pemba Island Route
 Pemba to Selous335 US Dollars1215 Hours1515 Hours
 Pemba to Zanzibar95 US Dollars1635 Hours1705 Hours
 Zanzibar  to Pemba95 US Dollars1430 Hours1505 Hours
US DollarsHoursHours

General Notes, Terms & Conditions

1. All services are daily unless indicated otherwise
2. Infants aged 1.99 years of age, not occupying a seat are carried free
3. Kindly note some of the sectors will not operate during the low season
4. Please note: All prices are subject to change in case of unforeseen events
5. Baggage allowance is STRICTLY limited to 15 kilos per person, inclusive of hand baggage, in soft bags
6. Children aged 11.99 years (2 – 11.99 years) will be carried at 70% of the adult fare + all surcharges and taxes
5. Excess baggage or freight will be charged at the prevailing rate and only carried subject to space availability
6. We do not permit the carriage of pets on any flights, regardless of whether they are in approved airline containers
7. We have the right to change departure times or carrier when so required for operational, weather or safety reasons
8. Ticket time limit (TTL) is 14 days before service, booking not ticketed 14 days prior to service will be automatic cancelled
9. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any amendment made within 96 hours of travel will incur a charge of 50 US Dollars
10. We have the right to adjust fares or taxes in the event of a significant increase in the price of fuel or change in applicable Government charges
11. Cancellations within 4 days before date of travel or any NO SHOWS will be charged in full unless a passenger is unable to travel due to health reasons or on compassionate grounds.  Refunds in this case will be considered on an individual basis however the handling fee of 10 US Dollars will still be applicable
12.The latest check-in time is 60 minutes before flight time. Our Flights have the right to depart up to 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time if passengers have not checked-in at that time
13. We are not responsible for any direct or consequential costs resulting from any delays to its services and particularly if a delay results in missing a connection to another carrier – domestic or international
14. Tickets are valid for 6 months. Unused tickets can be re-booked on a space-available basis within 6 months of ticket date. Tickets are not transferable Notice, if the passenger’s journey involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention may be applicable and the Convention governs and in most cases limits the liability of carriers for death or personal injury and in respect of loss of or damage to baggage

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Booking & Reservations for Tanzania Domestic Flights Contacts:

Booking Office Tel: + 254 718-179-967
Mobile : + 254 721-242-711
Email: info@africanspicesafaris.com

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