Naibor Wilderness Camp Masai Mara

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Naibor Wilderness Camp Masai Mara is located within the immediate vicinity of Naibor Camp at the southern end of Ol Kinyei Ranch overlooking the Talek River. The camp is hidden in the riverine woodland of the Talek River about 2 kilometers from the point where it flows into the Mara River, just about the very heart of the Mara Game Reserve.

There are 3 double tents, all nestled amongst a riverine forest and are spaced so that each has a unique view of the surrounding bush and wildlife. Each tent is furnished with solid, comfortable furniture and features a private shady verandah and en-suite bathroom with wash basins, flush toilet and safari shower, filled daily with hot water on request.

Naibor Wilderness Camp Masai Mara has a private mess tent with light soft furnishings and spectacular views.  The tent offers a spacious, airy place in which guests enjoy a range of delicious meals. Guests can use the Naibor spa where they can  enjoy a range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments and massages.

A Each day is different and depends entirely on what the guest wishes to do. Guests can walk all day, meeting a bush breakfast and picnic lunch; track wildlife; find honey; visit one of the local Maasai villages to learn about their culture and way of life; go on early morning game drives or a guided walk then come return back to camp for breakfast.

Booking & Reservations for Naibor Wilderness Camp Masai Mara – Kenya

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