Muteleu Maasai Traditional Village

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Muteleu Maasai Traditional Village is located in the 4000 acre Merrueshi Ranch, 34 kilometers south ofEmali town.

The Eco camp is 45 minutes drive from Amboseli National Park’s Iremito Gate and was original used by Maasai Moran (Warriors) during special ceremonies, cultural activities and age-set passages.

The camp has 10 manyattas (typical Maasai huts) build with the traditional system: wood, straw and mud. The ceiling is 2 meters high and the floor is paved with Galana stones.

Each manyattas is has 2 beds, flush toilet and shower with a view of the bush and there is also solar panels to provide for light.

Guests can enjoy local meals in the communal restaurant amidst the manyattas. The food is prepared from fresh and natural ingredients acquired from the camp’s farm or from the local farmers.

Activities in the Muteleu Maasai Traditional Village include taking cattle herding, fetching water, collecting wood and making crafts items.

In the evenings guests dance and sing around the bonfire, swap stories with the locals and even enjoy the starry sky .

Guests can also enjoy bush walks, village visits, learned to use plants and barks to heal backaches, stomach aches or colds with absolutely natural systems.

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