Moshi City Tours Safaris Tanzania Day Trips

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Moshi City Tours Safaris Tanzania Day Trips: Moshi town is located right in the slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Originally established as a military camp by the Germans it quickly developed into a town, thanks to its railway station and the emerging coffee trade in the region.

Moshi excursions include Moshi City Tour and day trip around Moshi. Some of these enjoyable tours include local cooking experience tours, Maasai hike and village tours, Lake Chala tours, Moshi horse ride, hot springs tours and the village of Marangu tours.

Other Moshi city Tours include Materuni waterfalls tours, Msitu Wa Tembo tours, Kilimanjaro day hike tours, Coffee plantation tours, Lake Duluti tour, Arusha National Park day tours, Lake Manyara National park day tours, Tarangire National park day tours and Moshi bike tours amongst others.

Moshi tours will take you to all these places giving you an insight into the everyday life in Moshi and its surroundings.

You will have the chance to taste different types of local food and on bright days you will enjoy the stunning view of Kilimanjaro.

Moshi City Tours Safaris Tanzania Day Trips


Arusha National Park 1 Day Safari from Moshi Town – Tanzania

Arusha National Park 1 Day Safari is a 1 day tour to the closest National Park to Arusha town called Arusha National Park. The park lies just 25 km’s east of Arusha Town, and is ideal for a rewarding day trip from Arusha or Moshi. Attractions include; Ngurdoto Crater, Momella Lakes, highland montane forest, and the rugged Mount Meru. The park has a wealth of wildlife including Monkeys, velvet monkeys, elephants, giraffes etc.

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Educational & Cultural Hike with a Maasai guide Tour, Moshi – Tanzania

Get a better understanding of the famed Maasai culture by spending half a day with a Maasai named Lamnyaki near the village of Msitu wa Tembo in Moshi. The tour begins at Lamnyaki’s house, where you be welcomed by his family and presented with a warm cup of tea made with goat’s milk. Accompanied by one of our guides/ translators, you will start on your hike around the base of the Blue Mountains. On this hike you will learn about Maasai plants and use for medicinal purposes and culture.

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Horse Riding on Makoa-Farm-Moshi Slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Our Horse Riding Day Tour takes place in Makoa-Farm located an hour’s drive from Arusha, 30 minutes from Kilimanjaro International Airport and just 20 minutes from Moshi. Spend a day at the farm and enjoy the incredible scenery from horseback. On horseback, you ride through the bush on and around the farm, surrounded by birds, butterflies and monkeys, whether to a coffee plantation, through riverine forest or thick bush or across open grassland.

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Kahawa Shamba Cultural Tour from Moshi Town – Tanzania

Kahawa Shamba Cultural Tour is a 5 hour guided excursion to visit coffee farmers so as to become familiar with the whole process of coffee production. The tour takes you to Kilimanjaro region – 30 minutes from Moshi town. Kahawa Shamba is a Kiswahili word meaning Coffee Farm. The farmers are members of Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union. Activities include visiting a coffee organic farm, coffee picking and learning about the process of coffee production and coffee drinking.

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Kikuletwa Hot Volcanic Springs Tour, Moshi – Tanzania

Kikuletwa Hot Springs/ Rundugai hot water springs or Chemka hot springs is a tour from Moshi to a natural pool in the middle of the desert, an hours’ drive from Moshi. The trip begins 0900 hours with a lunch box and drinking water from your hotel and includes a drive through dry Maasai land to the underground. Activities include cycling in the forest, sunbathing relaxing and swimming in the crystal clear blue waters which are heated by volcanic activity to an enjoyable 26 degree Celsius.

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Lake Chala Day Trip from Moshi – Tanzania

Lake Chala Day Trip from Moshi is an exciting tour to the beautiful lake surrounded by 70 – foot walls. Lake Chala is fed by the groundwater draining from Mount Kilimanjaro and is situated 55 km’s from Moshi town. The tour departs early in the morning and includes activities such as hiking around the rim, (4 hours) where you will get to see different types of animals and birds, swimming and kayaking in the caldera. You will then be driven to Moshi in the late afternoon.

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Mamba & Marangu Cultural Tour from Moshi Town – Tanzania

Mamba and Marangu cultural tour is a walking tour through valleys and waterfalls depicting mountain village life. Enjoy walking through unique flora and fauna. The tour will begin from the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and ascend to the beautiful viewpoints. Visit the oldest church in Kilema, climb Ngangu Hill and visit Kinukamori and Moonjo falls. Visit the home of the Late Yohana Lauwo a Marangu native who accompanied Dr. Hans Meyer on the first recorded climb of Mt Kilimanjaro.

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Marangu Village Day Tour from Moshi Town – Tanzania

Marangu Village Tour is a day excursion to an attractive village set on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, 39.5 km’s from Moshi town. The trip departs after breakfast. You will get to visit a locally owned and operated coffee plantation to learn how to process of producing coffee, visit the Chaga tunnels, visit a local beer vendor and try the local brew, hike through the tropical forests, visit the Endoro waterfalls, swim and enjoy the spectacular views at the base. Later, return to the lodge.

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Moshi City Tour, Moshi Town – Tanzania

Moshi City Tour offers you a perfect opportunity to learn about coffee production because the town is the coffee producing centre of Tanzania, culture and traditions. Moshi is located in the northeast of Tanzania, right in the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Led by our professional guide, you will visit Moshi’s Coffee roasting factory, local markets, Afrika House to taste different types of the local food and Rau Pub which is one of Moshi’s finest Nyama Choma places. The guided tour begins from your hotel.

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Moshi Horseback Riding 1 Day & Half Day Tours – Tanzania

Moshi Horseback riding day tour takes place from the stables located on the Usa River on Dolly Estate – situated only 40 minutes drive from Arusha Town. Usa River town is 23 kilometers(14 miles) to the east of the City of Arusha in northern Tanzania. The stables have a magnificent view of Mount Meru, with Mount Kilimanjaro. We offer morning and afternoon rides, 2-hour ride (depending on pace). The morning rides departs at 0800 Hours and the afternoon rides departs at 1430 Hours.

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Moshi Materuni Village Cultural 1 Day Tour from Moshi – Tanzania

Materuni Village Cultural 1 Day Tour from Moshi explores Materuni Village located on the northern part of Moshi town, only 15 km’s from the town center. It is also the last village before entering the Kilimanjaro national park. Our tour includes activities like: village walks, guided waterfall hike, coffee tours, local primary schools visit, Chagga traditional dance with a unique view on the Kilimanjaro, bike tours, traditional Chagga local food, cooking classes and banana beer experience.

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Mount Kilimanjaro 1 Day Hike (Marangu Route) Full Day Trip – Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro 1 Day hike is a day Trip from Moshi or 1-Day Short Kilimanjaro Trek is a day tour for those who wish to get a taste of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without getting to the summit. Our day trip to Mandara Hut, which is the first camp on Marangu Route, is a beautiful trek through lush jungle. The trek takes 3 to 4 hours and covers 8 kilometers with an 800 meter elevation. Lunch at the hut; enjoy the scenery before descent back.

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