Mombasa Day Tour Mamba Village Crocodile Farm Trip

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Mombasa Day Tour Mamba Village crocodile farm trip is a 3 hour tour to Mamba village Mombasa which is Africa’s largest crocodile farm. Your visit will coincide with feeding time at 1700 Hours. This one is great for the kids.

The crocodile farm tour is one of the must see attractions of Mombasa. Enjoy watching crocodiles being fed, have a drink and sample the crocodile meat in Nyali – Mombasa.

Our tour at the crocodile farm begins with a video presentation that reveals life cycle and behavior of crocodiles followed by a step by step walk through the farm, and ends with a spectacular scene of blood-thirsty crocodiles fighting for food during feeding time.

This is the most interesting part of the visit, as crocodile jump and leap in the air, fighting each other to grasp the meat. In one particular section is 5 meter long man-eating “big daddy”, crocodile known to have killed 5 people before it was subdued.

This blind, 120 year old one-ton crocodile is the main attraction at East Africa’s largest crocodile farm. To wind up the visit, superbly grilled crocodile meat is served in the Mamba Restaurant.

The firm has a feeding time schedule every day at 1700 Hours and it is incredible to see this experience as the crocodiles jump up few metres from their pool to grab a bite of meat.

A tour to the firm would be wonderful and takes 2 and half to three hours visiting the Crocodile firm, camel riding within the same compound, Horse riding or the mamba restaurant which offer a wide range of crocodile meat and sea foods.

Also available is the Mamba Disco Open daily and most full on Fridays and Saturdays, as for tourist every day is an experience!

Interesting Facts about Crocodiles

There is a lot you learn during our Mombasa Day Tour Mamba village crocodile farm trip. The word “Mamba” is Swahili for crocodile and is widely used in the East African region.

It is a reptile that has taken many lives in the numerous rivers, lakes, and wetlands of Kenya which are inhabited by communities in need of fish and water.

A typical crocodile has 24 teeth in each jaw, used for grasping and crushing. The teeth do not chew, which is why crocodiles swallow stones to assist in grinding contents swallowed whole.

Interestingly, these reptiles sweat through the mouth, an inventive way of cooling off and the main reason why they lie at river banks with their mouth open.

What is amazing is that the jaws of a crocodile can be held together with the force of a rubber band, but the swift downward crushing force, working in concert with the powerful swoosh of the tail, subdues prey within seconds.

Crocodiles may look lethargic out of water, but they gallop across short distances rapidly, albeit tiring quickly. Inside water is a different kettle of fish, as their tails propel them to speeds as high as 40 km per hour.

The tour of Mamba Village takes about two and a half hours, and with enough patience, more will be revealed by the ever patient guides. Have you heard the phrase “Crying crocodile tears”?

It describes pretentious behavior in humans and originates from a belief that crocodiles wipe their eyes when eating. Although true, crocs need to wipe their eyes because they froth and bubble when feeding.

But what precedes the meal is the greatest spectacle. The eyes, nose, and ears of the “mamba” are above water, perfectly placed to watch prey while the rest of the body is submerged.

Small sized crocodiles, or hatchlings, feed on crabs, fish, and frogs, while the adults prey on antelope, birds, snakes, even hyena, leopard, and lion.

These cold blooded creatures lie in wait and leap at the last moment as the main strategy. Small quarry is usually dragged under water to suffocate.

However it takes more crocodiles to overcome the larger prey; gripping, thrashing, and even twisting in opposite directions to tear flesh in a frenzied rush to gobble whole chunks.

But crocodiles have their use in the environment; by feeding on carrion, they clean-up water sources, and as a tourist attraction, they are a sight to behold in awe and fear.

There is no doubt that Mombasa, even though popular as a beach destination, has managed to enrich its tourism potential with the ever crowded Mamba Village.

Mombasa Day Tour Mamba Village Crocodile Farm Trip Prices

Dates FromDates ToPrice Per Person8 to 12 Year Child
1st January 201931st December 2019Request for ratesRequest for rates


* Our Mamba Village Crocodile Farm Tour: 1500 Hours – 1800 Hours
* Pick up from hotels in the North Coast Hotels. Extra charge for pick up from South Coast Hotels

Mombasa Day Tour Mamba Village Crocodile Farm Trip Rates Includes:

* Possible to customize the tour
* Professional English speaking guides
* All entry fees, guide fee, service charge and taxes
* Pickup from your hotel in Mombasa and drop-off to your hotel

Mombasa Day Tour Mamba Village Crocodile Farm Trip Rates Do Not Include:

* Drinks
* Laundry
* Tips or gratuity
* Travelers insurance
* Communication charges
* Visas, international airfares and airport taxes; meals
* Lunch or dinner in town (option and extra charges direct)
* Sightseeing not included in the package; optional activities
* Personal expenses such as transfers to/ from the airport (supplement airport transfer cost applies for tours starting from the airport)

Booking & Reservations for Mombasa Day Tour Mamba Village Crocodile Farm Trip Contacts;

Booking Office Tel: + 254 718-179-967
Mobile : + 254 721-242-711

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