Kiunga Marine National Reserve Lamu Day Trip

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Kiunga Marine National Reserve Lamu day trip is a tour to Kiunga Marine National Reserve situated along the Indian Ocean coast of Lamu District, Coast Province, Kenya.

Kiunga Marine National Reserve Lamu day trip provides ideal opportunities for wind surfing, diving and snorkeling, water skiing and sunbathing.

Kiunga Marine National Reserve is a 3 hour trip by speed boat from Lamu Island and is located north to Kiwayu Island and Mkokoni village.

Kiunga Park covers 270 square kilometers (100 square miles) with approximately 50 islands and coral reefs in the Lamu Archipelago.

The reserve is adjacent to the Boni and Dodori National Reserves, also managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. By air one can land at an airstrip at Dodori National Reserve.

Kiunga is a remote, unspoilt village on the mainland about 150 km’s east of Lamu. Visitors can view the teeming sea life in the coral reefs, sea grass and extensive mangrove forests which are a refuge for sea turtles and dugongs.

During your daytrip in Kiunga Marine National Reserve, you will be lucky to see the migratory birds that nest on the islands.

You will also see one of the world’s greatest coral reefs that are teeming with fish, sea turtle, sea star, sea urchin and many other marine species.

What to Do and See at Kiunga Marine National Reserve

Marine life – Insects/ arthropods: Lobsters, Sea urchins, Sea star, Crabs, Mosquito
Marine life – Reptiles/ fish: Sea Turtles, Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Turtles, Reef fish
Activities include: Deep sea fishing,  water-skiing, sailing, snorkeling/ creek fishing/ bird watching, windsurfing, kayaking and swimming

Kiunga Marine National Reserve Lamu Day Trip Prices

Dates FromDates ToPrice Per Person8 to 11 Years Child
1st January 201731st December 2017Request for ratesRequest for rates


* Kiwayu Island is the only inhabited island to be included in the Kiunga Marine Reserve
* What to take with you: Footwear (to protect your feet from the reef), T-shirt, snorkel, mask, fins, camera, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, guidebooks and plenty of drinking water

Booking & Reservations for Kiunga Marine National Reserve Lamu Day Trip Contacts;

Booking Office Tel: + 254 718-179-967
WhatsApp : + 254 721-242-711
Mobile :  + 254 780-242-711

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