Kitich Camp Mathews Forest

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Kitich Camp Mathews Forest is set in an 180,000 acre section of Northern Frontier in a stunning forest glade on the upper slopes of the Mathews Mountains.

Mathews Mountain Range is also known as the Lenkiyio Hills and faces the Ngeng River and is surrounded by green wooded hills and craggy peaks. There are 6 safari tents comprising of 3 double tents and 3 twin tents.

Each tent is tastefully with wooden floor, beautiful rugs, furnished verandah and en-suite bathroom with traditional safari “butler” shower, single-sink wooden vanity and long drop toilet. There is also al fresco’ Shower.

The main living area is one very large room used for dining and sitting. It also houses the bar and a fireplace is built naturally, with rocks and local wood.

The food is as good as it should be with an Italian food-lover overseeing it. A delicious mix of Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine, with barbeques too.

With only a maximum of 12 guests here at any one time, meals are taken together, overlooking a lush Ngeng River.

Activities in the Kitich Camp Mathews Forest are night game drives, guided nature walks, swimming in Rock Pools, bush picnics, day game drives, sundowners and cultural visits.

The camp also hosts weddings, simple blessing, and renewal of vows for guests. A blessing from a local chief is a long and colorful affair.

Booking & Reservations for Kitich Camp Mathews Forest – Kenya

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