Kipungani Explorer Kipungani Bay Lamu Island

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Kipungani Explorer Kipungani Bay Lamu Island is situated at the end of a deserted 12 kilometers Crescent Beach on the Southerly tip of Lamu Island, off the Northern Coast of Kenya.

Lamu is approximately 300 Kilometers North of Malindi. There are 13 bandas with floors covered with woven mkeka palms and the walls made with the same organic woven palms.

The thatched bandas have verandahs with Funzi Island day beds, swings and chairs softened with the multicolored kikoy throw pillows where guests can lounge.

Each banda has rustic furniture handmade from local mangrove and palm woods. The en-suite bathrooms have showers, toilets that flush and separate dressing areas with wash basins.

The onsite restaurants serves seafood and other dishes, cooked with Swahili flavors. Guests enjoy their meals in the dining area in the outdoors.

The dining room sits in a small tropical garden, with an adjoining library offering guests a selection of books, magazines and board-games.

There is also a bar-cum-lounge furnished with large drifted furniture and hanging Swahili beds which look like hammocks. Here guests can relax and enjoy their drinks.

Activities in Kipungani Explorer Kipungani Bay Lamu Island include sunset sailing, kayaking, fun sail boats, windsurfing, bird watching, deep sea fishing, water skiing, snorkeling and Lamu excursions.

The hotel has a massage banda where guests enjoy mind and body rejuvenation treatments. There is an outdoor pool which offers perfect venue for ultimate romantic sundowners.

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