Kampala Day Tour Sezibwa Falls Buganda Cultural Experience

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Kampala Day Tour Sezibwa Falls Buganda Cultural Experience is an excursion to Sezibwa Falls – a Buganda Cultural Heritage Site that is located near Lugazi town in Mukono District.

It is situated only 20 miles/ 32 km’s on the Kampala – Jinja Highway and about 1.5 km’s off. The Sezibwa Falls are on the Ssezibwa River and are about 7 meters high.

The falls preserve an ancient African culture and has for ages been a site of traditional cultural rituals for traditional believers.

Today the Baganda people still come here to seek out those who practice traditional healings and are purported to perform miracles.

This  Heritage site is owned by the Anglican Church of Uganda which is quite evangelical in nature – Baptisms are performed below the falls and Christians come here to pray and spend times of inner reflection.

The captivating natural beauty of Sezibwa falls has since transformed the site into a popular destination for exciting nature adventures as well as cultural experiences.

Visitors to the Sezibwa Falls are rewarded with refreshing views of the waterfalls stambling over the rocks with a gush, a lush green environment, an impressive birdlife & wildlife, beautiful rocks, and a serene, peaceful and cool atmosphere.

Kampala day tour Sezibwa falls Buganda cultural experience departs Kampala after breakfast and you spend the better part of the morning hiking, exploring the falls, bird watching and a visit to the traditional Buganda Shrines.

Kampala Day Tour Sezibwa Falls Buganda Cultural Experience | What to Do and See

Nature Walks & Sightseeing: The scenery is simply amazing! The calm river emerges from the thickets, stumbles over the sharp rocks & plunges into a whirlpool 7 meters below before continuing on a very calm course.

There are walking trails around Sezibwa you can take on to explore the beautiful surrounding and sight beautiful wildlife and sceneries.

Rock Climbing: Big sharp rocks span across the falls to form a sort of cliff. These are quite challenging to hike around, but it only gets exciting with all the great views from the top and some wildlife encounters such as skinks, lizards & sometimes snake sunbathing.

For experienced swimmers, there is no better thrill than jumping from the rocks and plunging into the cool whirlpool.

Cultural Experience: Sezibwa falls is a Buganda Heritage Site that preserves an important ancient culture that is now rare after introduction of foreign religions.

Visit the shrines and learn about the interesting traditional religion of the Baganda people and the ancient spirits that are believed to have created the Sezibwa Falls.

At the shrines you encounter items used in traditional worship such as coffee beans, spears, cowries shells, bark cloth, calabashes, and pots, items that were used by the ancestors.

Bird Watching: With about 150 bird species, Sezibwa is an impressive birding destination. Look out for Cormorants, Kingfishers, Parrots, Bee-eaters, Sunbirds, Doves, Swallows, Mankins, Turacos, and Finches. Allow up to 3 hours to maximize your bird list.

Kampala Day Tour Sezibwa Falls Buganda Cultural Experience Prices

Dates FromDates ToPrice Per Person8 to 12 Year Child
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* It Is advisable to wear decent hiking shoes
* A much-loved spot for bird watchers, the paths hosts all sorts of animals, most notably the bush and red-tailed monkeys
* Ssezibwa Falls is combined with a visit to Mabira Forest along with a Jinja day tour | Full Details

Kampala Day Tour Sezibwa Falls Buganda Cultural Experience Rates Includes:

* Lunch
* Bottled water
* Activities included in the itinerary
* Pick-up from your hotel in Kampala and drop-off to your hotel
* All park entry fees, service charge and taxes where applicable
* Professional English speaking guides. All are experts in the African wildlife, culture, and tour guiding, many of who speak other European languages

Kampala Day Tour Sezibwa Falls Buganda Cultural Experience Rates Do Not Include:

* Tips or gratuity
* Travelers insurance
* Communication charges
* Visas, international airfares and airport taxes; meals
* Sightseeing not included in the package; optional activities
* Personal expenses such as transfers to/ from the airport (supplement airport transfer cost applies for tours starting from the airport)

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