Donkey Race Lamu Cultural Festival Day Tour

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Donkey race Lamu cultural festival day tour takes place in Lamu – a small island off the Coast of Kenya. The Lamu Cultural Festival is an annual event in November that celebrates life on the islands of the Lamu Archipelago.

The festival is an extended weekend (4 days) full of events to experience and is designed to give visitors a taste of the best of Swahili life, traditions and culture, in a setting like no other.

Many activities are lined up including dhow races, donkey races, swimming races, henna painting, traditional artisan craft making, bao games, traditional dancing/ music and a chance to sample Swahili cuisine.

Donkey racing is one of the most popular events during the celebration. The donkeys of Lamu Island are not only an enchanting part of your visit to this seaside community.

These domesticated animals also provide a much-needed, land-based mode of transportation to the residents.

On the day of the race, organizers assemble over 40 fast-running donkeys along the Lamu seafront and the local island residents gather along the seaboard to watch this entertaining event.

The Swahili people of Lamu have a particular advantage as they use donkeys every day, so the race can be quite competitive with the winner receiving a much sought-after title.

The exceptionally talented jockeys skillfully ride their donkeys for the entire length of the town while the onlookers cheer for their favorite rider.

Donkey racing on Lamu Island is sure to be a delightful and entertaining part of your tropical beach holiday in Kenya.

Donkey Race Lamu Cultural Festival Day Tour Prices

Dates FromDates ToPrice Per Person8 to 11 Years Child
1st January 201831st December 2018Request for ratesRequest for rates


Kindly note that you can also book the following tours during the Lamu Cultural Festival; 
* Bao competition
* Swimming competition
* Donkey Race competition
* Swahili poetry competition
* Henna painting competition
* Lamu Cross Country Race competition along the waterfront all the way to Shela village and back- all in the physically draining heat of the day

Booking & Reservations for Donkey Race Lamu Cultural Festival Day Tour Contacts;

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WhatsApp : + 254 721-242-711
Mobile :  + 254 780-242-711

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