Dodos Folly Tower Luxury Retreat Naivasha

Dodos Folly Tower Luxury Retreat Naivasha | Hippo Point Wildlife Sanctuary | Hippo Camp Naivasha
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Dodos Folly Tower Luxury Retreat Naivasha

Dodos Folly Tower Hippo Point is a luxurious eight-story 120 foot Tower situated in Hippo Point an exclusive private wildlife conservancy sitting on an isthmus between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien.

It was custom-built by Dodo Cunningham-Reid and still used as the family’s second home. The tower can accommodated up to 9 guests and is suitable for families, VIP’s and Honeymoon couples anytime of the year.

The top of the tower provides a 360 degree observation lookout with breathtaking views over Oloidien Bay and follow at eagle-eye level the movements of the hippos, giraffe and zebra grazing at the foot of the Tower

The floor below the top tower is a minaret-style meditation room, furnished with big cushions and a surround view. The middle tiers of the tower offer 4 en-suite bedrooms with meditative lookout, crisp Russian linens and covered verandas.

Down spiral stairs is a single en-suite guestroom, mahogany paneled lounge, drawing room, dining room, kitchen and spacious living room with incredible balcony.

There is an outdoor pool, spa and an onsite restaurant that prepares fresh meals from the organic garden. Activities include game walks, bike rides, skiing and horse riding.

Offsite activities include hiking through a hot spring gorge, climbing an extinct volcano, visiting Rhino sanctuary, bird watching by boat, longer horseback rides, visits to Hells Gate National Park and Nakuru National Park.

Booking & Reservations for Dodos Folly Tower Hippo Point Naivasha– Kenya

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