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Dar-es-Salaam Day Tours; Dar-es-Salaam offers a multitude of attractions for holidaymakers and other travelers to enjoy while visiting this historic city.

From the Dar-es-Salaam Marine Reserve to the Pugu Hills Forest Reserve and Bongoyo Island, the outdoors has a lot to offer in this picturesque city.

Take a trip to the Zoological Gardens and marvel at the plants and animals, or spend a quiet afternoon at the Dar-es-Salaam Botanical Gardens.

For those with a bit more time, there are many museums that offer a glimpse into this mysterious city’s past and colonial eras, such as the National Museum and the Village Museum.

Meaning ‘Haven of Peace’ in Arabic, Dar-es-Salaam began as a small fishing village and has become a melting pot of cultures, encompassing African, Arabic and South Asian flavors.

But this city is anything but peaceful. A bustling metropolis of east Africa and largest city of the exotic land of Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam is a major port, which straddles some of the world’s most important sea routes.

With German, Asian, Swahili and British architecture to appreciate, visitors will find no shortage of attractions to busy themselves with while on holiday in Dar-es-Salaam.

The city also has a few interesting museums, including the National Museum and the Makumbusho Village Museum.

On a nice day you can head to the Botanical Gardens, while the colorful and vibrant Kariakoo Market and clock tower is also very popular with tourists and holidaymakers.

Those in search of sandy beaches to sun worship will do well to head to Oyster Bayor take the ferry to Bongoyo Island, while Kigamboni on the south coast has picturesque beaches that will enchant and captivate.

Dar-es-salaam Day Tours Programs


Bongoyo Island Day Trip from Dar-es-salaam – Tanzania

Bongoyo Island Day Trip from Dar Es Salaam is a private sightseeing tour to Bongoyo Island located 1.5 miles (2.5km) north of Dar es Salaam. Bongoyo Island is an uninhabited island and part of the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve. Enjoy picnicking, snorkeling, swimming or just sun bathing. You also have fantastic snorkeling opportunities as well as beautiful sandy beaches and great hikes. The island can only be reached by means of a dhow and takes approximately 30 minutes.

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Bagamoyo Town Day Tour from Dar-es-salaam – Tanzania

Bagamoyo Town Day Tour from Dar-es-salaam is a trip to Bagamoyo – the oldest town in Tanzania, a mere 75 kms from Dar es Salaam. The Tour includes visits to the Kaole Ruins with remnants of two mosques and a couple of tombs which can be dated back to the 13th century, The Caravan Serai, Old fort/ Slave House 1860, Germany State House, Livingstone Memorial Church, The First Church history and the Bagamoyo Museum displaying Bagamoyo’s History.

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Dar-es-salaam 1 Day Tour Mbudya Island Trip

Dar-es-salaam 1 Day Tour Mbudya Island Trip is a quick getaway from Dar-es-salaam to the idyllic island of Mbudya. This trip offers a welcome opportunity to escape life in the big city, which can be exhausting, oppressively hot and manically busy. Activities available here include snorkeling with fish, corals and aquatic life to explore, swimming in clear blue water, sunbathing and exploration of the pristine beach.

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Dar-es-salaam City Tour full Day Excursion – Tanzania

Dar-es-Salaam city tour full day excursion is a personal guided tour of Dar-es-salaam City and includes the National Museum, Nyerere Cultural Centre, the Village Museum, Mwenge Carvings Market, and the Magogoni Fish Market, among other interesting spots. Packed with interesting culture, history, food and people, our Dar-es-salaam city tour will give you a taste of one of East Africa’s most exciting cities in Tanzania. The tour lasts 7 to 8 Hours.

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Dar-es-salaam City Tour half Day Excursion – Tanzania

Dar-es-Salaam City tour half day excursion explores the city attractions and includes the Museums, Botanical Gardens, Historic Buildings, Swahili Spice Market, The fish Market, Art Market, White Sands Beaches, Shopping Malls, Zoo (optional) etc. Dar-es-salaam City the largest town in Tanzania with about 5 million people. Found by the Sultan Majid in 1860″ who visited Dar es Salaam City for weekend retreats when got tired by the Administrative work in Zanzibar Island. The tour lasts 3 to 5 Hours.

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Dar-es-salaam Zoo Day Tour Visit – Tanzania

Dar-es-salaam Zoo 1 Day Tour offers a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Dar-es-salaam city and learn about the animals and birds of Tanzania. The zoo is located in the Kigamboni-district in the eastern part of the city, 37 kilometers from Downtown Dar-es-salaam. The zoo has a variety of domestic and wild animals consisting of Giraffe, Zebras, Crocodiles, Snakes, Antelopes, Tortoises and Gazelles.

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Gezaulole Village Day Tour (South of Dar es Salaam) – Tanzania

Gezaulole Village Day Tour is a cultural tourism programme located in the coastal village of Gezaulole 13 km’s South of the Kigamboni Ferry across Dar-es-salaam port. Enjoy walks or bicycle tours through the village and on the beach, short trips on a local dhow, visit an old slave depot and a 400-year-old mosque. Enjoy a tasty local meal. Locally made handicrafts are available for sale. Profits from the programme go towards buying equipment for the local schools. (The tour takes 4 to 5 hours).

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Mikumi National Park Day Trip Safari From Dar-es-salaam – Tanzania

Mikumi National Park Day Trip Safari departs Dar-es-salaam at 0500 Hours by road to Mikumi. Explore the park on a morning game drive. Lunch at the Mikumi Wildlife Camp while watching animals drink from a water hole at the camp. Proceeding on another drive until about 1530 Hours and return back to Dar-es-salaam. Animals to see include Lions, Buffalos, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Zebras, Impalas, Warthogs, elephants and hippos etc.

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Palacha Dream City Day Tour from Dar-es-salaam – Tanzania

Palacha Dream City Day Tour from Dar-es-salaam is a trip to Palacha ‘Dream City’ – a mini township, in the heart of Tanzania. Yet far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. It is located 80 km’s from Dar-es-Salaam city in Mkuranga District, Tanzania, overlooking the Indian Ocean. Palacha ‘Dream City’ is an ideal location where you and your family can relax and enjoy both nature and host of recreation facilities such as Tennis, Water Sports, Swimming, Deep Sea Fishing etc.

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Saadani National Park Day trip from Dar-es-salaam – Tanzania

Saadani National Park Day trip from Dar-es-salaam is a full day safari to Saadani National Park with a a picnic lunch on the beach . The park is located 2 hours away from Dar-es-salaam by road and right on the Indian Ocean. The beautiful white sand beaches are stunning but you’re more likely to see lions or elephant on the beach than sunbathers. Enjoy a game drive and a boat safari where you are likely to see hippos, crocodiles and a selection of marine and riverine birds.

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Selous Game Reserve 1 Day Fly in Safari from Dar-es-salaam – Tanzania

Selous Game Reserve 1 Day Fly in Safari from Dar-es-salaam departs at 0830 hours to Selous Game Reserve. Upon arrival at 0915 hours you proceed on a game-drive discovering untamed wilderness and plentiful wildlife. Animals seen include elephants, buffalo, rare wild dogs, lions etc. At 1230 Hours you enjoy packed lunch box and continue on your game drive. At 1540 Hours we fly back to Dar-es-salaam to arrive at 1630 Hours. This tour can also begin in Zanzibar and end in Zanzibar.

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Zanzibar Day Trip from Dar-es-salaam – Tanzania

Zanzibar Day Trip from Dar-es-salaam explores Zanzibar stone town which has a vibrant Islamic culture and beautiful white sand beaches. The tour departs at 0700 Hours from Dar es Salaam by boat for Zanzibar. Walk through the narrow streets of the Stone Town to see houses dating back to more than 150 years. Visit the spice plantation farm and learn and taste the different varieties of spice. Enjoy lunch in Stone Town before the afternoon boat transfer at 1530 Hours back to Dar es Salaam.

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