Castle Forest Lodge Mount Kenya

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Castle Forest Lodge Mount Kenya is an eco- lodge located in the thick forest on the slopes to the south of Mount Kenya in Kerugoya. The Gathiva River is 0.2 kilometers away.

The lodge has hosted both Queen Elizabeth and President Jomo Kenyatta when they were students. Castle Forest Lodge Mount Kenya has cottages, bungalows and standard rooms all with en-suite bathrooms.

The cottages and bungalows have cozy fireplace. There is unlimited camping space with shared hot showers and toilets.

8 kilometers from the lodge is a single hut which is self-contained, consists of 1 room with a large fire place, a fully equipped kitchen and a collapsible double bed.  It is located on the boundary of the bamboo forest.

Guests can enjoy their meals in the onsite restaurant. Snacks are available throughout the day and so are drinks from the well stocked bar. Guests can relax and unwind on the leisure veranda with views of the indigenous rain forest.

There is a conference room that offers ideal venue for small meetings and training sessions. The outdoor pool is situated on the border of the rain forest and is often visited by elephants seeking refreshment during the dry seasons.

Activities in Castle Forest Lodge Mount Kenya include horse riding, fishing, hiking and mountain climbing.

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