Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village

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Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village is a full day excursion from Arusha to the village of Ilkidinga which lies 7 kilometers north of Arusha town, Tanzania.

The drive from Arusha takes only 30 minutes.  Walking from Arusha is also possible but it will take you 2 hours to reach the starting point of the tour.

Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Wa-arusha culture. Spend a day walking around the hills of Ilkidinga and get some insight into traditional African culture. 

Once at the village Our Arusha day tour starts at  Eliakimu house, you cross the Ngarenaro River, walk through the fields in the direction of the forest reserve of Mount Meru national Park and start climbing Leleto hill.

From here you have a view on Arusha town, the Maasai steppe and its volcanoes. At Eliakimu’s house the Mainyoito women’s group is waiting for you with a traditional meal.

Maize, red beans, bananas and milk are the basic ingredients of the dishes. In the afternoon you will pass by a big fig tree, a traditional place of worship. Take a rest at IIkisongo view point before walking down to visit the traditional healer, the craftsmen and the Njeche canyon.

You visit the primary school where money from tourism as Development Fees is used to rehabilitate the tourists who still want to walk can continue down to Arusha in less than 1.5 hours. You won’t walk alone. People are going to and from town. You are one of them.

The local village guides are all youngsters born and raised in the village. They all finished secondary education and are familiar with English. Most of them are members of the Maasai E.N. MASARIE art and cultural group. They were honored to be chosen by the authorities to welcome President Bill Clinton of USA at the airport.

All the guides of the Cultural Tourism programme can be recognized through an identity card. Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village can also be done in half a day. For those who are physically fit the tour can start from Arusha Town.

This is an 8 hours trip. The guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. Along narrow paths, passing the suburbs of town, you walk uphill till the starting point and connect with the full day tour.

Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village Highlights

* Enjoy some real traditional dancers. You can join to dance!
* A visit to a traditional healer, who is ready to answer all your questions
* A visit to the craftsmen prepared by the Mainyoito Women’s Group at one of the households
* A visit to the primary school where money generated from tourism is used to rehabilitate the school
* A walk through coffee plantations and open fields where potatoes, cabbages, maize, beans e.t.c are cultivated
* A visit to a local Wa-arusha traditionally built household to get an idea of how an extended family lives together
* Hiking along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon and climbing small hills to enjoy the scenery overlooking Arusha town

Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village Itinerary

0900 Hours: Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village departs from your hotel/ residence. We pick you up and transfer you to the village starting point.

From here you will walk down to the Ngarenaro river, cross it and start climbing Leleto hill. Once at the top of Leleto hill you will enjoy a view on the Maasai steppe and its volcanoes.

You will continue to walk through the fields to the forest reserve of Mount Meru National Park. Along the way you will have a rest stop at Ilkisongo viewpoint.

1230 Hours: Proceed back to Sembeo’s household where the women’s group will offer you a sumptuous lunch.

1400 Hours: After lunch you will get to visit with a  traditional healer, the craftsmen group and later visit the canyon.A primary school visit is also included in the tour.

After the school tour you have the option to ride back to Arusha or walk back. The walk will take about 2 hours.

1800 Hours: We return back to our hotel/ residence.

Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village Prices

Dates FromDates ToPrice Per Person8 to 12 Year Child
1st January 202031st December 2020Request for ratesRequest for rates


* We can arrange a half day tour, full day tour or a 3 day south-west Meru cultural hike itinerary. Kindly Request

Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village Rates Includes:

* Lunch
* Price per person
* Pick-up from your hotel in Arusha and drop-off to your hotel
* Guided tour of the Ilkidinga Village of the Wa-arusha people
* Professional English speaking guides. All are experts in the African wildlife, culture, and tour guiding, many of who speak other European languages

Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village Rates Do Not Include:

* Laundry
* Tips or gratuity
* Travelers insurance
* Communication charges
* Minimum of two persons required
* Visas, international airfares and airport taxes; meals
* Sightseeing not included in the package; optional activities
* Personal expenses such as transfers to/ from the airport (supplement airport transfer cost applies for tours starting from the airport)

Booking & Reservations for Arusha Cultural Day Tour Ilkidinga Village Contacts;

Booking Office Tel: + 254 718-179-967
WhatsApp : + 254 721-242-711
Mobile :  + 254 780-242-711

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