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Tsavo West National Park Kenya

(Tsavo West National Park is located in the Coast Province of Kenya. The park covers an area of 9,065 square kilometres. Tsavo West National Park is 240 kilometers from Nairobi and about 250 kilometers from Mombasa)



Mzima Springs in Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo National PARKTsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park Tsavo West National Park


Tsavo West National Park

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Tsavo West National Park is an international wildlife and environmental treasure chest. It contains a variety of habitat, geological soil types, animals, birds and plants. Tsavo West (7000 km2) is divided by the Nairobi - Mombasa road and railway.


The park is close to Amboseli National Park, and on a clear day in Tsavo West, you can see the Kilimanjaro. Tsavo West in Kenya is hilly, rocky, greener and more vegetated than Tsavo East but each has its own diversity.


Tsavo West National Park offers tremendous views and diverse habitats ranging from mountains, river forests, plains, lakes and wooded grassland. It is especially attractive at the end of the rains when the countryside turns green.


Mzima Springs is pool of natural spring water that attracts a lot of game and there is even an underwater hippo-viewing hide. The park became famous through the notorious "Man Eaters of Tsavo" incident at the turn of the century, when man-eating lions were preying on the workers building the great Uganda Railway.


In fact, the carriage from which they pulled a traveler is now on display in the Nairobi Railway Museum. This incident was also depicted in the popular movie "Ghost and the Darkness."




Animals & Birds of Tsavo West National Park
More than 50 different kinds of mammals graze, browse, hunt and scavenge in the grasslands and bush country of the Tsavo West. Zebras are always seen slaking their thirst near Tsavo West's luxurious game lodges. Among the more unusual of the animals are the gerenuk, a long necked antelope that browses on the higher, sweeter leaves of the acacia thorns.


Carnivores are also abundant in the park. Tsavo West is known for its 'Roaring Rocks', which if climbed gives views usually only seen by the eagles and buzzards that whirl around these cliffs.There is a quite a variety of wildlife and birdlife in the park. Over 600 species of birds have been recorded.


Moreover, game viewing is fairly easy. Animals include the leopard, cheetah, buffalo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, crocodile, mongoose, hyrax, dik dik and porcupine



Tsavo West National Park Seasons

The weather in Tsavo West National Park is pleasant for most of the year.

Tsavo West National Park Rainy Season

There are two rainy seasons. The long rains are generally from March through to May and the weather is hot and humid. The short rains arrive in the warm months of October to December.

Tsavo West National Park Dry Season

January to March is hot and dry and July to October is warm and dry.


Tsavo West National Park Facts
Climate: Warm to hot and dry

Birds : Over 150 recorded species

Access from Nairobi : Road : 275kms

Facilities : Lodges and camp sites are available

Attractions: Mzima springs, Big Five, Rhino sanctuary

Animals : The Big Five, gazelles, over 150 bird species

Area: 9065 sq km Altitude: 200 to 1000 m [656 - 3280 ft]

Location : In Eastern and Coast Province, South East of Nairobi

Vegetation : Open savannah and light patches of bush, cactuslike euphorbia trees




Highlights of Tsavo West National Park

The most famous of Tsavo West National Park site is Mzima Springs, where rainfall collected in the porous volcanic rocks springs forth at the rate of 225 million liters a day into pools and streams of crocodile and hippo infested waters.


Tsavo West offers excellent luxury camp and lodges for your African Safari. Severin Camp, Kilanguni Lodge and Finch Hattons Camp are the famous and opted ones.


The Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary is another safe haven for rhinos. Finally, the park offers excellent views of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Tsavo West National Park Accommodation

Tsavo West National Park Safaris & Tours


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