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Sarara Tented Camp - Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust

Mathews Mountain Range of Northern Kenya

(Sarara Camp is situated to the North of Ol Donyo Sabache (Ol Lolokwe), just below Warges Peak, in the fabled Mathews Mountains of Northern Kenya. Sarara Camp is located within Namunyak (meaning 'a place of peace') Wildlife Conservation Trust. Sarara Camp is approximately five hours’ driving time from Nanyuki and it is recommended to go by air. Sarara Camp has 8 Luxury En-suite Tents/ Rooms (Sleeps 16)



Sarara Tented CampSarara Tented Camp, Mathews Mountain Range of Northern Kenya


Sarara Camp Northern Kenya

Sarara Camp Northern Kenya View Rates, Discounted Prices - Book & Save Now!

Sarara Camp is a community owned property located off the beaten track, in the foothills of the Mathews Range just north of Samburu Game Reserve. Sarara Camp sits within the 75,000 hectares Namunyak Community Group Ranch and now boasts a wide variety of wildlife such as elephant, buffalo, kudu, forest hog and even lion and leopard.


Mathews Range is a stunning range of hills & mountains to the north of Laikipia at the base of Kenya's Northern Frontier District. The Matthews rise to over 2300 meters with a network of valleys and ridges, thick with stands of cedar, many topped off with dramatic craggy peaks.


The whole area lies in sharp contrast to the dry bush country all around it. Numerous springs rise in these hills, providing precious water for people and wildlife of this area. Only two small camps lie within this vast area, Kitich, nestled in amongst the lush vegetation along the banks of the Ngeng River and Sarara just north of Ol Lolokwe in the community wilderness area of Namunyak.


Sarara Camp is a very special place situated on Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust land which is owned by the local community which numbers about 12,000 Samburu people.


It is mostly dry plains, but the Sarara River flows through, and is flanked by the Mathews Ranges, giving it a truly stunning setting and a good range of habitat.


This varied landscape means that there is good wildlife to be spotted here, mostly either browsers or predators, including thousands of elephants, dik-dik, impala, lesser and greater kudu, gerenuk, giraffe, hyena, buffalo, civets, servals, cheetah, leopard and wild dog. The area around Sarara Camp is also good birding country.

Sarara Camp Safari Activities
In addition to the usual viewing of big game, activities on Namunyak are as follows:

* Hiking into the Mathews rainforest

* Escorted bush walks with our expert local field scouts
* Moonlit bush dinners beside natural animal watering points
* Fly camping safaris with camels along the wide sand 'luggas'




Sarara Camp Non-Residents Accommodation Prices

Non-Residents Accommodation Rates Per Night Include: Full board accommodation + Soft Drinks, Beer + Non-Premium wine and Laundry + Unlimited Game Drives, Day and Night + Local Airstrip transfers (Sarara and Namunyak airstrip) + Unlimited Game Drives + Guided Walks + Hiking in the Montane Forest of the Mathews Mountains & Fly Camping

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* Check in 1100 Hours & ,Check out 1000 Hours

Sarara Camp Rates Non-Residents Rates include:

* Laundry

* Guided walks

* Conservation Fees

* Fly Camping with Camels

* Soft Drinks, Beer, House Wine

* Shared Game Drives by day and night

* Full board accommodation Sarara Camp

* Hiking in the mountain forest of the Mathews mountains

Sarara Camp Rates Non-Residents Rates Exclude;

* Champagne, premium spirits, cellar wines

* 1, 2 or 3 day walks exploring the Mathews with Camels - quotes on request
* Transfer: Lewa to Sarara 348 US Dollars per vehicle (max 4 passengers). Approximately 2.5 hours drive


Sarara Camp

Sarara Camp Accommodation

Sarara Camp has six luxury tents, each positioned to maximize the stunning views of the Mathews Range of mountains and the animal watering hole. Preserving the romance of the tented camp, these tents are spacious and high ceilings, with plenty of cupboard space, electric lighting and 24 hour hot and cold running water.


There is an outdoor bathroom offering a superb view of the hills from the shower. But there is also an indoor toilet and sink at the back of the tent for midnight visits. Each tent has its own private terrace with table and chairs and morning coffee and tea are brought to you so that you can wake up gazing out over the mountains view bathrooms.


Sarara Camp itself would perhaps be best classed as a luxury eco-lodge, though the double rooms are large tents with proper beds, and a good bathroom with shower and flush loo. These are private to each tent, but not exactly en-suite –you have to walk down a short path.


The views from the tents (and bathrooms!) are amazing. There is a main lounge and dining area, and a gorgeous swimming pool. The food is excellent, and some of it is grown in their organic garden. Your hosts are Hilary and Piers, and their team of guides is very professional.


Sarara Camp Sarara Camp

Probably the best way to enjoy this territory is on foot, but game drives (day or night) are part of the experience, as is fly-camping in the midst of the wilderness if you fancy a really wild night. You can also go into the mountains, either for a climbing challenge or a gentler mountain walk.


Samburu culture is also a strong part of your Sarara experience. You can visit a Manyatta (this is not a tourist product, it is a real village) and one of the most magical things about this place is a visit to the “Singing Wells”. When the Sarara River is not flowing, but underground, the local people dig wells in the riverbed.


Sometimes these are 6-metres deep and the Samburu warriors hoist up bucketfuls of precious water for themselves and their livestock, accompanied by evocative songs which their lead cattle apparently recognize. When the song changes, it is another herd’s turn for water.


Very few people see this happening, and no allowances are made for visitors –this is life in a harsh place, but a part of life which the community has decided they are happy for respectful visitors to watch (no cameras). It happens from about mid-January to end of March, and again from about end-June to October.


Sarara Camp Sarara Camp


Sarara Camp Activities

Sarara Camp Safari

Sarara has established itself as one of the 'hot spots' for quality leopard viewing in Africa and equally, for close-up sightings of the normally extremely shy lesser kudu antelope.


The African wild dogs are frequently encountered in the Sarara valley too. Elephant, buffalo, giraffe, gerenuk, impala and warthogs are now regularly seen on our game drives and bush walks and are very much on the increase in numbers.


Unusual sightings include striped hyena, aardwolf, civet cat, African wild cat, greater kudu, grevy zebra and cheetah. Sarara Safaris are several and include:

* Night safari
* Morning safari
* Walking safari


Sarara Camp Dinner in the bush

There is probably nothing more romantic than dinner out in the lugga, the dry river bed not far from camp. Sitting out under the stars by a large camp fire, with a full bar and elegant three course meals beautifully served at table, this is the ultimate combination of wild nature and elegant indulgence.


Sarara Camp Fly Camping

If you are staying with us for several nights, you might want to spend one of those evenings under the stars, sleeping in your own mosquito-netting tent in the middle of a dry river bed, watching the stars in the clear sky above you and listening to the sounds of the leopards 'sawing' around you. Enjoy drinks around the campfire while dinner is prepared for you.


Sarara Camp Helicopter Rides

Private helicopter flights can be arranged, with a bit of notice. Take a trip up Mount Kenya, or to Lake Turkana, or take in the superb tropical rainforest of the Mathews Range which surround Sarara.


Sarara Camp Sarara Camp Sarara Camp


Sarara Camp Private Flights

If Piers is in camp he can take you up in his plane and fly you over the Mathews mountain range or wherever takes your fancy.


Sarara Camp Samburu Game Reserve

A short flight or two hour drive away is Samburu Game Reserve, a protected area with plentiful grevy zebra, giraffe, gerenuk, crocodiles, hippos, buffalo, and elephant. Taking a game drive along the river brings you in touch with the wildlife as they come to water and to cross the river.


Sarara Camp Singing Wells

The Samburu people have a wonderful tradition which our guests are welcome to come and watch. Every morning the Samburu warriors bring their cattle to the dry river bed near the camp. The warriors begin to dig deep wells which will provide drinking water for their cattle.


Naked, the warriors sing as they dig. The singing creates a rhythm which synchronizes the team work as buckets are lifted from one warrior to the next as the well is dug. But the songs also have the additional function of calling each warrior's cattle to his particular well. In keeping with our promise not to photograph this very personal and important ritual.


Guests have commented that their morning with Mark at the Singing Wells was the highlight, not just of their time at Sarara, but of their trip overall. Sarara is the only place in the world where one can view this magical and timeless tribal tradition.


Sarara Camp Hide

With so much to see at the watering hole, sometimes you want to get really close to the animals without scaring them away. So Sarara created a little hide which you can sneak down to any time there is an animal you want to see up close. You can stand in safety only a few feet away from a group of elephants, near enough to see their eyelashes.


Sarara Star Camp, Mathews Mountains of Northern Kenya | Click Here


Sarara Camp Map


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