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Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris beside River Nile

Bujagali Falls In Jinja Uganda

(Our Quad-bike Full Day Guided Safari are exciting day trips from 0900 Hours to 0500 Hours like no other. Great rides on trails that we only use for this safari. Includes lunch at Nile River)


Quad-bike Full Day Guided Safari

Quad-bike Full Day Guided Safari

Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris

Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris


Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris

Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris View Rates, Discounted Prices - Book Now!

Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris are really full day – you need a reasonable level of fitness. This is a 9 to 5 day like no other, full of challenges and new experiences. We tailor the safari to suit you.


The trails we use will be tailored to suit what you want to get out of the day; be it fantastic photographic opportunities through rural Uganda, technical sections, challenging rides over difficult terrain, great views of the River Nile from many vantage points and a chance to see parts of Uganda that most people never get to.


Includes refreshments en route and a good lunch to recharge the batteries. Please book ahead so that we can be fully prepared. Start from our base at Bujagali around 9am.


Normally the morning session follows the Trailblazer Safari. In the afternoon you can follow trails only used for this safari and we can tailor the trip to include some very special sections.


Lunch at Nile River Explorers Cafe is included in the price. After signing on we’ll kit you out with; overalls, helmet, goggles and either your own closed footwear or our gumboots if it is very muddy. A safety briefing session leads into a training/ practice session on our training circuits. If you have never driven a quad-bike before, we’ll teach you how.




Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris Prices

Includes round trip transportation from Kampala to Jinja

Dates From
Dates To

Price Per Person

1st Jan 2014
31st Dec 2014
350 US Dollars



* Open every day except Christmas Day

* No minimum number, 1 person welcome

* Kids Quads from about 7 years old on supervised circuits

* Lunch, bottled water and refreshments en - route are all inclusive

* Safari start times to suit you between 0800 Hours and 1700 Hours

* We suggest that you take a camera – there are many photo opportunities

* You bring your own closed shoes (not open sandals), perhaps a camera and a big smile (optional)

* Payment can also be made in; Uganda Shillings, US Dollars, Euro, Pounds or Kenya shillings at favorable rates

* A free training/ practice session is conducted before each safari starts. Only when every rider feels comfortable does the safari clock start

* Included on every trip; protective clothing (helmet, goggles, overalls, and bandana), all taxes including VAT, bottled mineral water is carried by the guide, sodas and snacks on longer trips.

* You will probably be most comfortable wearing shorts underneath the overalls and you may wish to bring bathers as there are opportunities for swimming along the way




Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris Itinerary

Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris Day starts with the morning section where it takes you through Kyabirwa Village and downstream along the river, past the Bujagali Dam and out into the back of beyond.


The first section is fairly easy allowing you time to get more used to riding your quad - bike. We follow narrow tracks that take you through the farms, forest and villages beside the Nile.


As the trip develops you can build on your experience and take on more difficult sections. For those that want to, we have some ‘play’ areas available where you can let loose and especially on this trip, we are able to give you plenty of challenges on difficult terrain.


After lunch we head upstream a little way and then out into the hills of the Victoria Nile hinterland onto special sections that we only use for the full - day trip. These sections are selected by the guide according to the weather, seasonal conditions and your abilities or inclination.


Quad-Bike Safaris

Price Per Person

Kids Quads Short Circuit - 20 Minutes
20 US Dollars
Kids Quads Extra Circuit - 35 Minutes
30 US Dollars
Adults Learner's - 30 Minutes
45 US Dollars
River Ride Safari 1 Hour + Practice
60 US Dollars
Explorer Safari 2 Hours + Practice
90 US Dollars
Overland Safari 3 Hours + Practice
110 US Dollars
Trailblazer Safari 4 Hours + Practice
130 US Dollars
Twilight Safari 17.00 until about 2030 Hours. The Twilight combines Explorer at sunset with a meal in village )
100 US Dollars
Full Day Safari – a 9 to 5 trip like no other. Includes lunch and refreshment stops en route. Some special trails only used on this trip.
350 US Dollars

2 Day Overnighter – exciting trails beside the Nile through bush, farms & villages. Overnight at Hairy Lemon island resort.

475 US Dollars



* Included with every safari; training/ practice session (exclusive of safari time), protective clothing, refreshments and a huge dose of pure fun!


Booking & Reservations for Quad-Bike Full Day Guided Safaris beside River Nile - Uganda

Booking Office Tel: + 254 (0) 20 2437871

Mobile : 0721-242-711

Email: info@africanspicesafaris.com





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