Masai Ostrich Farm + Masai Village Visit Day Tour | Nairobi 1 Day Trip Excursion | Kenya
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Masai Ostrich Farm & Masai Village
Visit Day Tour
Ride Ostriches, Eat Ostrich Steak, Buy Ostrich Products, Learn more about Ostriches and also Visit a Masai Tribal Village on This Nairobi Day Tour - Kenya


Masai Ostrich Resort

Masai Ostrich Resort

Masai Ostrich Resort

Masai Cultural Village


Masai Ostrich Resort & Masai Cultural Village Visit

Masai Ostrich Resort & Masai Cultural Village Visit View Rates, Prices - Book & Save Now!

Just half an hour’s drive from the city centre and 10 minutes from the Kitengela-Namanga highway is the Maasai Ostrich farm. Maasai Ostrich Farm which is around 37 kilometers from Nairobi. Sitting on almost 200 acres, the farm has dozens of ostriches that will leave you and your family amazed.


Boasting two types of ostriches, Maasai and Somali, you will not only get to tour the farm but you can also let the children ride them too. It is fun, especially for the courageous ones. It also gives a lovely picture opportunity.


The tour of the farm takes almost half an hour depending on how inquisitive you are and what picture opportunities you will get out of your tour. It is very interesting seeing ostriches in different stages of growth and sizes. Ostrich products are available for sale.


An ostrich is slaughtered at 8 months because the quality and taste of its meat is achieved during that period of growth. There is also the opportunity to view and hand-feed the ostriches, and if the weather is good, you can even take an ostrich ride!


After the tour you will have lunch and later visit a Masai Cultural Village located next to the Nairobi National Park by the gorge and the Athi River. Return back to Nairobi.




Masai Ostrich Resort & Masai Cultural Village Visit Prices

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1st January 2015
31st December 2015
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Included Items of the Tour

* Tour of Ostrich Farm

* Lunch : Ostrich Platter

* Round Trip Transportation is included

* Ride an Ostrich (Must be 70 Kilograms or less)

* Entrance fee to visit an authentic Masai Cultural Homestead (Photography allowed)

Items not Included on the Tour
* Any extras not mentioned above

* Tips & gratuities for the driver guide/ resort staff




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Masai Ostrich Resort/ Park Information

Masai Ostrich Resort/Park in Kitengela Nairobi currently has a total of 700 ostriches being reared in the area. A good number of items produced or used in Masai Ostrich Resort are made from ostrich feathers or skin.


Ostrich meat, which is said to have the lowest cholesterol level amongst other red meat and to also cure respiratory illnesses, is a delicacy at the resort along with its oil.


There are two types of ostriches in the farm — the blue neck ostrich, a breed mostly found in the Northern Kenya across the equator and the Masai ostrich, which is found in the southern Kenya hemisphere.


The difference between the two is that the blue neck ostrich has a darker, smoother skin with tender feathers, while the Masai ostrich has a pink skin with tough feathers. Both birds, though, have tougher skin than a cow.


The mating season begins on the first of June where one male ostrich is closeted with five female ostriches in one dock for the purpose of mating. If you want to know whether a female ostrich is ready for mating, the secret is in the feathers — they hang low on the side as they walk.


Everything in this farm is planned according to seasons. The slaughtering of the animals is no exception. At eight months, their skin is soft enough for slaughtering and human consumption. A specific torch is used to check the fertility of an egg. If it is unfertilized, then it is used.


One egg, which is often big enough to serve a whole family of more than five, is said to help increase intimacy between couples.


The egg takes 42 days to hatch — twice the time the chicken takes to hatch — producing a chick as heavy as 0.5 kg-1.3 kg. For those who cannot take ostrich meat, there is plenty of the usual meals found in hotels in the menu.




Masai Ostrich Park Nairobi Ostrich Ride

Ostriches are very strong birds, one ostrich has to be held by two attendants before anyone can mount them. The attendants then control the bird during the ride.


The experience is more frightening than it is enjoyable. Sometimes the ostrich moves so fast making even a confident man terrified in case it throws him off and starts kicking.


Ostriches have the reputation of strong heavy kicks that can kill a Lion. Wild predators have died after falling victim to their infamous kicks.


The mortality rate of ostriches is heightened by the fact they tend to eat anything, including picking on each other’s feathers. When they eat indigestible materials, their stomachs hurt and start rotting, this prevents them from eating again.


Eventually, they die. I guess that is why they are referred to as daft, what with the proverb; ‘don’t sink your head in the sand like an ostrich’.



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