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OL Gaboli Community Lodge

Naibunga Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya

('Ol Gaboli' meaning Fig Tree in Masai is exactly where the Ol Gaboli Community Lodge is situated - nestled under the enormous spreading branches of the largest and oldest fig tree in the area on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, on the 15,000 acre Il Motiok Group Ranch. Located 40 miles/75 kilometers from Nanyuki airstrip (about 1.5 - 2 hours). Ol Gaboli Community Lodge in Laikipia district is 4½ hours from Nairobi)


Ol Gaboli Lodge
Ol Gaboli Lodge
Ol Gaboli Lodge
Ol Gaboli Lodge


OL Gaboli Lodge

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'Ol Gaboli' Lodge meaning fig tree in the Masai language is situated on the 15,000 acre Naibunga conservancy (Il Motiok Group Ranch). Located 40 miles from Nanyuki in Kenya, Il Motiok is surrounded by private and community group ranches that are home to a huge variety of wildlife including elephant, rhino, giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, and zebra.


Ol Gaboli Lodge is the only tourism facility owned by an all-women's pastoralist group in Sub-Saharan Africa. The lodge is an excellent base for rafting, canoeing, mountain biking, walking, trekking and rock climbing. With over 2 million acres of wonderful African wilderness visitors can enjoy the vast expanses of Laikipia exclusively.


Ol Gaboli Lodge has 7 rooms (Bandas) that are built from local stone with traditional thatched roofs. Each banda can accommodate between 2-8 people, depending on sleep arrangements.


Ol Gaboli Lodge can accommodate a maximum of 35 guests at a time and it offers only self catering. There is a large separate lounge, a comprehensive library with nature, wildlife and social studies books, and a shop selling cultural items. Ol Gaboli also has a self contained house with 2 large rooms each with a loft. The house can accommodate 2 families conformably or large groups up to 35 guests, and can be booked together with the existing facility or as a separate entity.


Ol Gaboli Lodge has seven cabins – or bandas with en-suite solar showers, nestle alongside a shop, verandah, library and dining, chill-out building with huge snobby cushions. Overlooking the muscular Ewaso Nyiro River, it’s the perfect sundowner spot. Hot water and light is provided by solar power.


Ol Gaboli Lodge has a spacious dining room which ac be used as a conference hall for groups who which to hold a workshop or a seminar in a remote settings. The facility is ideal for team building and bonding. Accommodation is on self catering basis however catering services can be provided on prior arrangements.


For large groups, African Spice Safaris can offer a facility rate at Ol Gaboli Lodge. Ol Gaboli, owned by the Il Motiok women’s group and run in partnership with Rift Valley Adventures, is one of several ranch projects financed by the EU. You’ll also find a cultural Boma (Masai Village), bee-keeping enterprises and locally trained wildlife scouts.


Your visits generate funds that can send kids to the new primary school, buy livestock or help women set up small businesses including making beaded jewellery. And the lodge also plays a vital role in conservation. Il Motiok’s Masai community can now see direct financial benefit from preserving wildlife.


Once seen purely as food or a threat to humans and grazing cattle, Lions, Gazelles and Elephants now bring in tourists and the Naibunga Conservancy has been established with surrounding ranches.


Ol Gaboli LodgeOl Gaboli Lodge Walking Safari
Ol Gaboli LodgeOl Gaboli Lodge Hiking


Ol Gaboli Lodge Accommodation Rates/ Prices

2011 Gaboli Lodge self catering Accommodation Rates/Prices

Accommodation Type

Rates /Prices

Single Room Per Person
7,000 Kenya Shillings
Double Room (2 Guests)
6,000 Kenya Shillings
Children Aged 5-16 Year
2,000 Kenya Shillings
Children Aged 5 Years and Below
Free of Charge
Whole Property (Sleeps 5-30)
45,000 Kenya Shillings



* Ol Gaboli Lodge bandas can accommodate between 2-8 people

* Ol Gaboli Lodge accommodation is on self catering basis i.e No meals

* Naibunga conservancy Conservation fee 700 Kenya Shillings Per Person Per Day


Ol Gaboli Lodge Accommodation Rates above Exclude:
* Insurance

* Staff gratuities
* Road or air transfers
* Excursions/activities beyond the private Conservation Area


Ol Gaboli Lodge Activities

Olgaboli Community Lodge offers you a number of activities that will enrich your stay in the lodge and make your stay fun filled. The activities include and not limited to; rock climbing, abseiling, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, river tubing, mountain biking and camel treks. Other available activities include nature walks, cultural interaction and game viewing.


Ol Gaboli Lodge Game Viewing

Northern Kenya is one of the tourists’ hot spots in Kenya and is second to the Masai Mara National Park in terms of the top game-viewing experience in the country. The areas has comparative advantages to other destinations as its of the beaten track and has more endangered mammals within its periphery than any other destination in East Africa.


Endangered species in this area includes black rhino, wild dogs and Grevy Zebra. Other species endemic to northern Kenya comprise of Somali Ostrich, Beisa Oryx, Gerenuk, and Reticulated Giraffe. Good predator populations mean that sightings of Lion, Leopard and Cheetah are also common.


Ol Gaboli Lodge Walking Safaris
Olgaboli Community Lodge walking safaris take you through spectacular wilderness areas and remote rolling hills in Laikipia Ecosystem. The walking safaris are planned and executed by experienced guides who have a wealthy of knowledge in the destination. The walking safaris are tailored to fit your needs and expectations.


Olgaboli Community Lodge Camel Treks
Olgaboli Community Lodge camel treks are carefully and thoughtfully designed to enable you to travel nomadically with camels as you appreciate the local heritage. The trekking recipe includes; waking on sun rise, eating a delicious and hearty breakfast, and begin the trek.


Your luggage and camping gear is ferried on a camel back, the camels trail behind as you enjoy the attractions on the panoramic trekking route. Camping is undertaken on picturesque site mostly near a river. Most of the trekking is undertaken in the morning hours when the sun is not hot, in the afternoons you relax on your campsite; take an afternoon walk or a sundowner.


Olgaboli Community Lodge Rock Climbing & Abseiling
Rock climbing is undertaken at the twin granite domes of the Lendille Peaks. The rock climbing is a breath taking exercise and the climbs ranges between 10 and 50-metres high, with wonderful views over the plains. Abseiling is done down the cliff, this provides you with a bird's eye view of the valley below.

Olgaboli Community Lodge
Water sports
Ewaso Nyiro River provides you with an opportunity to undertake some of the adventurous water sports, namely; rafting, canoeing, kayaking and river tubing.


Olgaboli Community Lodge Mountain Biking
Leisure cycling using mountain bikes can be undertaken in the lodges’ neighborhoods. The steep terrain and the plains grants you with an opportunity to test your endurance and at the same time have fun in cycling on unbeaten tracks.




Booking & Reservations for Olgaboli Community Lodge, Naibunga Conservancy, Kenya

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