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Nanyuki River Camel Camp

Nanyuki - Laikipia, Kenya

(Nanyuki River Camel Camp is situated only 4 kilometers from the centre of Nanyuki town, at the Eastern foot of Mount Kenya. The Camel Camp is located on the banks of the Nanyuki River, beneath a canopy of Cedar and Podo trees. By road from Nanyuki takes approximately 20 minutes. Nanyuki River Camel Camp offers very basic camping and the rare possibility to spend a night in original Somali huts)


Nanyuki River Camel Camp


Nanyuki River Camel Camp

Nanyuki River Camel Camp View Rates, Discounted Prices - Book & Save Now!

Nanyuki River Camel Camp is designed to offer you the experience of the lifestyle of the Northern Nomadic peoples, within a few kilometers of Nanyuki town. You sleep in the traditional houses, eat traditional meals, drink camels' milk, and have the opportunity of learning about the lives of nomads and their camel experts.


The camp was developed by Chris Field after spending twenty years living as a nomad, helping pastoralists become more self reliant, in the arid regions of northern Kenyan on the Ethiopia border. Although three quarters of Kenya is arid or semi arid, most visitors to Kenya never experience such extreme ways of lives.


Nanyuki River Camel Camp consists of eight traditional Somali houses brought from Mandera and Isiolo and made from woven palm mats attached to wooden frames. They provide accommodation for sixteen. There is a dining banda with a camp fire, toilets, bathing facilities, kitchen and store.


Additional campsites are located along the river. The camp is close to the forest growing on the banks of the Nanyuki river where there are additional campsites. The whole is set off by a magnificent view of Mount Kenya, which usually emerges from the clouds in the evening and early morning. Guests can enjoy camping in the 2 man tents.


Nanyuki River Camel Camp
Nanyuki River Camel Camp


Nanyuki River Camel Camp Accommodation Prices

2013 Residents and Non-residents Accommodation Rates Include:


(Per Person Per Night)

In traditional nomadic houses (Doubles)
5,000 Kenya Shillings
Surcharge for “honeymoon house”
500 Kenya Shillings
In tents or tree house
2,000 Kenya Shillings
Tents only
1,000 Kenya Shillings



* All the above include mattresses, sheets, blankets/sleeping bag and pillows

* Nanyuki River Camel Camp has No electricity and there is No Internet
* Early in the morning a nice view on Mt. Kenya

* Camel Ride 1 Hour 1,200 Kenya Shillings

* Drinks available at the bar

Nanyuki River Camel Camp Meals Rates

* Lunch only 500 Kenya Shillings Per Person

* Dinner only 900 Kenya Shillings Per Person
Breakfast only 400 Kenya Shillings Per Person
All three meals 1,600 Kenya Shillings Per Person

* Drinks: a limited range of drinks are available at affordable prices

* Picnicking (access and use of picnic site by the river) 200 Kenya Shillings
Self catering (use of kitchen facilities and fuel per day) 1,000 Kenya Shillings

Nanyuki River Camel Camp Campsite Prices



With own tent, bedding and food per person per night
1,000 Kenya Shillings
Use of ground facilities for group activities (per day)
2,500 Kenya Shillings



* Nanyuki River Camel Camp provide toilets, showers, firewood and beautiful campsite with view of Mount Kenya




Nanyuki River Camel Camp Activity Rates

Activity Rates Per Person


Camel riding (includes camel, saddle and handler) Short ride up to one hour
1,500 Kenya Shillings
Camel riding (includes camel, saddle and handler) One to two hours
2,200 Kenya Shillings

Camel riding (includes camel, saddle and handler) Half day,

i.e. two to four hours

3,000 Kenya Shillings

Camel riding (includes camel, saddle and handler)

Whole day up to eight hours

4,000 Kenya Shillings

Camel riding (includes camel, saddle and handler)

Overnight safari and stopover

5,000 Kenya Shillings

Camel riding (includes camel, saddle and handler)

Nature walk (Per Group, maximum group size ten) Up to one hour

2,000 Kenya Shillings

Camel riding (includes camel, saddle and handler)

One to two hours

3,000 Kenya Shillings

Guided visits to Sweetwaters Nature Reserve and Mount
Kenya Safari Club Orphanage By African Spice Safaris

Kindly Inquire

Conference facilities & Team Building

Kindly Inquire



* Payment may be made by m-pesa An advanced deposit of 50% is required for confirmation of booking




Nanyuki River Camel Camp Activities include:

Nanyuki River Camel Camp Guests are hosted by Chris and a camp supervisor.
* Eat traditional meals
* Buy traditional ethnic souvenirs
* Above all, enjoy the freedom of true nomads

* Nature walks in the riverine forest with bird watching

* Sleep in traditional nomadic houses or camp by the river

* Drink camels' milk- fresh or fermented (Prior arrangement)

* Learn about the lives of nomads and their camels from experts
* Watch camels being milked employing special skills. (Prior arrangement)


Nanyuki River Camel Camp has twelve trained camels for riding, and guests can attend traditional nomadic Boran or Somali dancing. Game drives to nearby Sweetwaters Game Reserve, and overnight camel trekking and camping on ranches or home stays can also be arranged. Nanyuki River Camel Camp is open all year round.


Nanyuki River Camel Camp
Nanyuki River Camel Camp


Nanyuki River Camel Camp Two Full Days of Activities

Two full days of activities at a camel ranch near Nanyuki. Sleep in authentic Somali huts and prepare to be challenged! Typical activities include:

Camel Riding

Definitely a popular one


Ring Quest

A series of challenges to travel through woods and upstream to search out and retrieve a set of rings. Participants get VERY wet

Search for Water

Armed with spear and ropes, work out how to cross the river, find and retrieve a barrel and return via a different route. The aim is NOT to get wet!

Somali Hut Building

Learn how to construct these intriguing huts that can be loaded onto the back of a camel.


Raft Race

Teams build a raft to their own design and race across the water. Participants might get wet…depends upon their skills of construction

At the start of each day there is a range of small and large team activities designed to keep participants thinking and active. With the occasional pause to slaughter a goat halal style…or join in with the Somali dancers in the evening…before enjoying toasted marshmallows over the campfire



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