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Kenya National Archives Museum Nairobi Tour
Nairobi Tour takes 2 Hours - Has Many Exhibits that Depict the History of Kenyan and other East African Peoples

(Kenya National Archives Nairobi is located on Moi Avenue next to Ambassadeur Hotel. The archives look out on the landmark Hilton Hotel while on the rear side is Tom Mboya street- serves a modern gateway to the crushing, chaotic avenues and alleys that the vast majority of Nairobi’s citizens tread daily.



Kenya National Archives

Kenya National Archives


Kenya National Archives Museum in Nairobi

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Kenya National Archives Nairobi is situated at the edge of the central business district in downtown Nairobi and is a reservoir and living example of historical and ethnographic knowledge. Kenya National Archives is housed in the old Bank of India building.


Kenya National Archives is a little-visited museum and art gallery that has a range of paintings and tribal photographs from throughout Africa. There is also an enormous collection of tribal weaponry, instruments, masks and other paraphernalia. Elsewhere are exhibits that provide a fascinating insight into the struggle for independence and the history of Nairobi


Kenya National Archives ground-floor museum has extensive collection of artifacts and photographs representing Kenya’s diverse cultures and rich history. It has documents and a collection of photographs and paintings of Mzee Kenyatta and former President Moi.


The former President is shown in his travels around the world, shaking hands with various dignitaries. Paintings from Joseph Murumbi's collection dominate the walls.


Kenya National Archives Nairobi second floor is the Archives reading room, which is used for personal and professional projects.


An exhibition of Kenyan handicrafts is also on display at the National Archives. Hobbies & Activities category: Crafts center or marketplace; Historical museum; Photo collection, exhibit.



Kenya National Archives Nairobi

Kenya National Archives

Kenya National Archives

Kenya National Archives

Kenya National Archives Kenya National Archives


Kenya National Archives Tour Prices

Non-Residents Kenya National Archives Tour Rates include:

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* Kenya National Archives is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays

* Charges for entry are 3 US Dollars for non-resident adults and 100 Kenya shillings for Residents

* Kenya National Archives is a Museum loaded with Kenyan history. It contains artwork and handicrafts, as well as some historical documents and photos. It is right across from the Hilton Hotel on Moi Avenue




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Kenya National Archives Information

When you first walk into the Kenya National Archives, you may be mistaken to think that it is merely an art gallery. Indeed, it contains a vast catalogue of African heritage arts that span practically every art form from basketry, pottery, weaponry, masks and other ornamental arts, sculpture, painting, beadwork's, dress, photography and many others.


However, the Kenya National Archives is significantly more than that. Created in 1965 by an Act of the Kenyan Parliament, it is mandated with the stewardship of Kenya’s public records and national documentation services. The land on which it stands was originally the Nairobi headquarters of the National Bank of India.


The building in which it is housed, an enduring landmark of Nairobi, was constructed in 1931 by the National & Grindlays Bank. It was owned by Kenya Commercial Bank between 1970 and 1978 and thereafter acquired by the government of Kenya for the Kenya National Archives.


It houses the Joseph Murumbi Gallery on its ground floor which contains simply the largest collection of Africana from every corner of the African continent, from Mauritius to Ethiopia, Gambia to the Congo.


There is a second gallery on the upper floor which provides a deep historical reflection of Kenya from the pre-colonial times (Circa 1890) to date.


The Kenya National Archives is a real treasure trove, a visit to which is well worth the effort, especially for research enthusiasts and the lovers of art, history and culture. You can research public records on virtually any area of government through its library and search room located on the first floor of the building.



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