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Elsamere Lodge & Conservation Centre Hotel Naivasha
Formally the home of of Joy and George Adamson set in Acacia Forest on the Banks of Lake Naivasha in Kenya's Rift Valley

(Elsamere House is the former home of the late Joy Adamson who, together with her husband George, world famous for their pioneering conservation work and relationship with the lioness Elsa, as told in her best selling book and subsequent film, Born Free)



Elsamere Lodge

Elsamere Lodge

Elsamere Lodge

Elsamere Lodge


Elsamere Lodge & Conservation Centre Lake Naivasha

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Elsamere Lodge, the original home of Joy Adams of Born Free fame sits in a great location, views across the lawns to Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Elsamere House is on the Moi South Lake Road, 22 Kilometers from its junction with the old Nairobi/ Nakuru road at Naivasha town. Naivasha is approximately 100 Kilometers from Nairobi. It is 60 miles from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport.


Elsamere house itself is traditional and while it may not be as modern as the alternatives it makes up for this in atmosphere and intimacy. Elsamere Lodge has only a handful of rooms and each has a real African feel.


Elsamere Lodge provides accommodation for 15-18 people in cottages set in the gardens around the main house. Adjoining it are the teaching rooms for schoolchildren to come and learn about conservation. Elsamere Lodge has its own jetty and boats.


Elsamere lodge or Camp is a haven for lovers of nature, set in Acacia forest on the banks of Lake Naivasha in Kenya’s Rift Valley.


It is the former home of the late Joy Adamson who, together with her husband George Adamson, became world famous for their pioneering conservation work and relationship with the lioness Elsa, as told in her best-selling book and subsequent film, ‘Born Free’ and she did much of her writing at Elsamere up until her murder in 1980.


Her relationship with Elsa the lioness who she raised from a young cub and later successfully released back into the wild.




Elsamere Lodge & Conservation Centre Non-Residents Prices

2013 Non Residents Accommodation Rates Per Night Include: Full Board

Dates From
Dates To

Single Room

(1 Guest)

Double Room

(2 Guests)

Triple Room

(3 Guests)

1st Jan 2015
31st Dec 2015
195 US Dollars
325 US Dollars
450 US Dollars



* Elsamere Lodge Conference: - Kenya Shillings per person per day full board

* Child Rate 100 US Dollars per Night (Children ages are between 2 to 11.99 Years)

* Christmas and New Year Supplements: Non Resident: 25 US Dollars Per person Per Night

* Easter Supplement 25 US Dollars Per person/ Children 12.5 US Dollars respectively Per Night




Elsamere Lodge & Conservation Centre Residents Prices

2015 Residents Accommodation Rates Per Night Include:

Accommodation Type
Half Board
Full Board
Single Room (1 Guest)
9,550 Kenya Shillings
11,050 Kenya Shillings
Double Room (2 Guests)
15,000 Kenya Shillings
16,550 Kenya Shillings
Triple Room (3 Guests)
18,125 Kenya Shillings
22,100 Kenya Shillings
Child (2 to 11.99 Years)
3,550 Kenya Shillings
4,100 Kenya Shillings



* Elsamere Lodge Conference: - Kenya Shillings per person per day full board

* Easter Supplement 2,360 Kenya Shillings per person and Children 1,180 Kenya Shillings respectively

* Christmas and New Year Supplements: Resident: 2,360 Kenya Shillings Per person on 25th, 26th and 31st Dec



2015 Elsamere Lodge Meals & Activity List

Meals & Activities


Lunch Weekday's

Adult 1,560 Kenya Shillings

Child 780 Kenya Shillings

Lunch + High Tea - weekend offer

Adult 2,100 Kenya Shillings

Child 1,000 Kenya Shillings


Adult 2,100 Kenya Shillings

Child 1,000 Kenya Shillings


Adult 1,050 Kenya Shillings

Child 600 Kenya Shillings

Picnic Lunch
1,000 Kenya Shillings
Boat Rides

4,000 Kenya Shillings for 1 Hour

7,000 Kenya Shillings to Crescent Island

Joy Adamson video, Special Tea's and visit to the Museum (Day visit and High Tea)

1,050 Kenya Shillings

(Includes, Joy Adamson video, special teas and visit to the museum)

2,600 Kenya Shillings
Bikes Hire
 770 Kenya Shillings Per Day




Accepted Mode of Payment


online payment




Elsamere Lodge Bedroom Elsamere Lodge Bedroom

Elsamere Lodge BedroomElsamere Lodge Bedroom

Elsamere Lodge CottageElsamere Lodge Cottage


Elsamere Lodge Accommodation

Elsamere Lodge Accommodation

* Elsamere Lodge Cottage all have a veranda face Lake Naivasha

* Elsamere Lodge rooms are bright and attractive and all have en suite bathrooms

* Elsamere Lodge can accommodate 15 -18 Guests in cottages set in the gardens around the main house

* Elsamere Lodge Guest may stay in the main house in the Joy Adamson bedrooms with wheelchair access

* Elsamere Lodge cottages all have en-suite bathrooms, spacious and warm interior with a verandah providing you with views of Lake Naivasha.


Elsamere Lodge Restaurant
Elsamere Lodge prides itself on its warm hospitality and home like atmosphere. The day starts with a hot breakfast and lunch is buffet style with plenty of outdoor tables and chairs for alfresco dining. Dinner is hosted each night and it is the perfect opportunity to get to know the guests, many of who may be visiting researchers and conservationists.


Elsamere is open to the public day between 3pm and 6pm. Guests are invited to watch a video: The Joy Adamson Story and visit the museum and shop. A traditional afternoon tea is served at 4pm.




The Elsa Conservation Trust

The Adamson's devoted their lives to wildlife conservation and Elsamere lodge continues to be maintained as a functioning conservation centre.


By staying at Elsamere Lodge you have the unique opportunity to tour an active base for local conservation projects and a chance to experience life in one of Kenya’s most historic homes. Many of Joy’s paintings still decorate the house.


Elsamere Conservation Center is a bird watcher’s paradise, over 200 species of birds have been recorded and rare species such as the Verraux’s Eagle Owl are regularly sighted.


Early mornings at Elsamere Conservation Center are as special time: the African Fish Eagles herald the dawn with their memorable ringing cry and the chorus of the bird song continues through-out the day.


The Elsa Conservation Trust – In 1960 Joy Adamson published Born Free, the best seller in which she describes the release of her pet lioness Elsa into the African bush; it made her rich and famous overnight.


In the years which followed she and her husband George devoted a succession of books, films and television programmes to their adventures in returning to the wild a cheetah, a leopard and many more lions.


Together the Adamson's revolutioned our attitudes to wild animals and warned the world that unless it protects their habitats, many of the most magnificent species would be extinct there within a few decades.


As Joy’s fame as a conservationist grew, so did her fortune – but neither she nor George had any personal interest in money. As soon as she received her first royalty cheque, she planned and quickly established a charity she called the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal, which is now named "The Elsa Conservation Trust".


Joy then made over to it all her earnings except her basic expenses. After their murders, ten years apart, George and Joy each left their entire estates including Elsamere – Joy’s house on Lake Naivasha – to this trust.


During the last forty years the trust has donated millions of dollars to wild life education and conservation projects, large and small, helping to create the famous Kenyan parks and reserves at Meru, Samburu, Shaba, Kora and Hell’s Gate and also a Field Study Centre at Elsamere.


Today its principle activities and aims are further conservation and worldwide conservation education, particularly in East Africa. At the present time the Trust maintains a conservation centre at Elsamere, the home of the Adamsons, on the shores of Lake Naivasha, where it is possible to stay.

“For years I had been looking for a house where George and I could live. Elsa Conservation Trust Eventually I found a place that seemed to combine all we wished for.


It would be impossible to imagine a more attractive site for a home. We decided to call our home Elsamere.” Joy Adamson


Lake Naivasha is very important ecologically. The Elsamere Conservation Center provides information on the lake ecology and regularly hosts researchers who monitor the lake and local wildlife.



Elsamere Lodge Activities & Things to Do Around Lake Naivasha


Joy & George Adamson Museum

Joy & George Adamson Museum

Joy & George Adamson Museum; Joy & George Adamson Museum is located in the main house at the Lodge. Guests can go through historical collections of art, books, guns and personal items belonging to this world renowned couple.


George was a Lion Conservationist while his wife Joy was an artist, author of world acclaimed books e.g. 'Born free' She is also known for the animals she cared for especially "Elsa" the Lioness.


The Land-rover that George was driving when his life was cut short is parked at the park of the main house which is the Elsamere Lodge.

Joy & George Adamson Museum | Full Details

Crescent Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Crescent Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Crescent Island Wildlife Sanctuary; Crescent Island Wildlife Sanctuary is a submerged rim of an immerged volcanic crater forming a bay which is the deepest point of Lake Naivasha. Crescent Island is a preserved sanctuary of wildlife where you will wander among tiny herds of mammals.


A peaceful experience… Giraffe, antelope, gazelle, eland, zebra and lot of birds. Buffaloes are rare. The usual way to access the small island is by a boat Ride arranged by African Spice Safaris. There is also possibility to access it by road passing through the "Horse Riding Complex".
Trips to Crescent Island | Full Details

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary; Crater Lake Game Sanctuary is located after the Kongoni village in Lake Naivasha. Crater Lake Game Sanctuary is a private sanctuary which includes lots of wildlife in its small forest sitting at the side of the Crater Lake volcano.


Game Drives are done in the fenced area and guests can get refreshed at the Crater Lake Lodge located at the bottom of the crater. Crater Lake Game Sanctuary landscape is breathtaking as the small crater is soaked by a pink-bordered green-salted lake which is habitat for flamingos and other birds. And if you are courageous, there is a path going around the rim of the crater.
Trips to Crescent Island | Full Details

Boat Rides on Lake Naivasha

Boat Rides On Lake Naivasha

Morning Boat Rides on Lake Naivasha are an ideal time to spot the many species of waterfowl and brilliantly colored kingfishers. The lake is home to the largest waterfowl population in Kenya. Elsamere Conservation Centre has also become famous for its resident troop of black and white colobus monkeys, which visit the centre regularly.


Guests may easily view the troop from the lakeside lawn. Other frequent visitors to the centre are pod of hippopotami, which often graze on the lawn at night.

Boat Rides on Lake Naivasha | Full Details

Hell's Gate National Park

Hell's Gate National Park

Hell's Gate National Park; Hell's Gate National Park is a tiny Park located between Naivasha Lake, Mt. Longonot and Mt. Suswa volcanoes.


Hell's Gate National Park provides a variety of wildlife, unusual flora and many species of birds and is one of the two only Kenyan Parks where climbing, walking and biking are allowed. Covered by ashes from the Longonot eruption which occurred 100 years ago, the Park is famous for its geothermal station, Lower Gorge and spectacular sceneries (cliffs, volcanoes, gorges, geothermal steam).

Trips to Hell's Gate National Park | Full Details

Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park; Mount Longonot National Park is formed around Mount Longonot, a young dormant volcano. Mount Longonot was created during the volcanic eruptions that formed the Great Rift Valley. Guests can travel to the rim of the crater or inside to the bottom. As you climb, you will pass herds of grazing wildlife or watch buffalo and other animals as they cross the crater floor.


Activities within Mount Longonot National Park include hiking, rock climbing, biking and observing birds and wildlife. Views of Lake Naivasha and the valley itself are not to be missed. Hot springs and steam seep through vents in the solid lava. Approximately 25 kilometers from Lake Naivasha


Mount Longonot National Park | Full Details

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park; Nakuru means "Dust or Dusty Place" in Masai language. Lake Nakuru National Park, close to Nakuru town, was established in 1961. Lake Nakuru National Park is world famous as the location of the greatest bird spectacle on earth - myriads of fuschia pink flamingoes whose numbers are legion, often more than a million maybe two.


They feed on the abundant algae, which thrives in the warm waters. Scientists reckon that the flamingo population at Lake Nakuru National Park consumes about 250,000 kilos of algae per hectare of surface area per year. There are two types of flamingo species: the Lesser flamingo can be distinguished by its deep red carmine bill and pink plumage unlike the greater, which has a bill with a black tip. Approximately 80 kilometers from Lake Naivasha


Lake Nakuru National Park - | Full Details


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