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Lake Elementaita Balloon is No Longer in Operation Since

29th November 2011

Hot Air Balloon at Lake Elementaita Kenya

(Lake Elementaita is 25 Minutes after Naivasha & 30 Minutes before Nakuru)



Lake Elementaita Balloon

Lake Elementaita Balloon flight

Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha & Lake Nakuru Balloon Safari

Hot Air balloon ride at Lake Elementaita in Kenya is operated by GoBallooning Kenya - the only company operating the balloon in Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Elementaita area.


The ride starts in the cool crisp air before sunrise, so that you can catch the rays when already air-borne- fantastic! It takes off from Soysambu ranch, and is cheaper than the Masai Mara balloon safari.


The cost may seem prohibitive until you discover just what is included in the package, plus once you're done with the experience you'll be convinced it was worth every penny.


Over an hour's ride, it takes you up to 4,000metres above sea level, to heights, from which you may easily view lakes Nakuru, Naivasha and Elementaita- all at once, plus Mt. Kenya, Hell's Gate National Park, and the 'Sleeping Masai Warrior' hill!


Those afraid of heights- forget your phobia because the ride is so smooth you won't believe how much you would have missed out on!

Hot Air balloon ride at Lake Elementaita gives you a chance to see Lake Elementaita from an entirely different angle, with its flamingos taking off en masse in pink streaks, the only sound being the ruffle of their wings.


The lake is bordered on one side by a wildlife sanctuary, so go on an 'airy' game drive and watch the giraffes, buffaloes and other animals running away from this strange object floating high above them.


And back on the ground, a bush breakfast awaits- from sparkling wine to hot and cold courses, eaten at leisure- after all, you paid for it! And to top it all, GoBallooning give you a giveaway package to remember your 'voyage through diversity and time'.



Hot Air Balloon from ElemetaitaThe Sleeping Warrior or Delamere Nose

Hot Air Balloon from Lake Elemetaita, Kenya Hot Air Balloon from Lake Elementaita, Kenya

Balloon over Soysambu Conservancy

Lake Elementaita Balloon over Soysambu Conservancy, Kenya


Lake Elementaita Balloon Flight Prices

Dates From
Dates To
Cost Per Person Adult
1st Jan 2014
31st Dec 2014
No Longer in Operation



Daily Departure: Flights take place daily, depending on the weather conditions.

Pickup: From your Hotel between 0500 Hours - 0530 Hours
Take Off: At sunrise (around 0630 Hours)

Average Flight Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Average Altitude: Depending on the prevailing weather conditions the altitude may be close to the ground or up to 4000 M.S.L.

Breakfast: After a safe landing and photo shooting session, you will be served a unique champagne style bush breakfast in the in the Soysambu Conservancy.

Return to lodge: 0900 Hours - 0930 Hours



Lake Elementaita Balloon flight

Lake Elementaita Balloon Flight Description


Hot Air Balloon from Elementaita; The Great Rift Valley (Lake Naivasha-Lake Nakuru) Balloon Safari operation is based in Soysambu, on the historic Delamere Estate.


Steeped in colonial history, this 200 square kilometer farm combines a working cattle ranch with a game sanctuary that is home to large herds of zebra, giraffe, buffalo, eland, gazelle and more.


The launch site is within easy reach of safari lodges and hotels in the Naivasha and Nakuru region, making this an ideal morning excursion for anyone spending the night in this area.


The 8-man balloon, captained by experienced pilot Othmar, launches at dawn, rising with the sun over the sprawling plains of Delamere before skimming low across the shores of Lake Elmenteita.


A shallow soda lake, Elementaita is one of the main ports of call for the Rift's famed flamingo flocks, drawn to the nutrient rich waters.


The flamingos create an expansive carpet of pink across the surface of the lake, and a silent gliding balloon is the perfect way to see them up close. As the flocks take wing beneath the basket, it feels as though the balloon has joined the birds in flight as they cross the broad waters of the lake.


Anyone familiar with the 1985 film version of Out of Africa will be immediately reminded of the classic shot of a biplane soaring across flocks of flying flamingo.


Unlike a plane however, the Great Rift Valley (Lake Naivasha-Lake Nakuru) Balloon Safari provides an unobtrusive opportunity to see these birds at close quarters and the steady smooth progress across the lakeshore is ideal for photography.


Leaving the lake, the Great Rift Valley (Lake Naivasha - Lake Nakuru) Balloon Safari makes a low level traverse of the riparian forests around Elementaita, giving passengers a treetop view of giraffes nibbling leaves, gazelles grazing grass and elands and impala following well established game trails through the undergrowth.


Following this airborne game drive, the Great Rift Valley (Lake Naivasha-Lake Nakuru) Balloon Safari makes a breathtaking ascent skyward, up to 3,500 metres. From this altitude, the true magnitude of the Rift is revealed in its long winding lava flows, deep volcanic craters and jagged peaks.


Cloud allowing, there may well also be views of both Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's two highest peaks in a single, awe inspiring view.


Descending again, the hour-long safari ends with a landing on the plains between Elementaita and Nakuru. The exact position and pace of the landing is determined by the wind, and a sometimes bouncy return to earth is often made under the curious gaze of herds of plains game.


By the time you have landed, a full champagne breakfast is waiting, laid out in the shade of yellow acacia trees. For anyone on safari in the Naivasha or Nakuru area, Great Rift Valley (Lake Naivasha-Lake Nakuru) Balloon Safari is an excellent excursion, with an easy pick up available from your safari lodge.



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