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Amboseli Balloon Operation was Closed in 2012


Amboseli Balloon Safaris

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Amboseli Balloon Safari | Awesome | Breathtaking | Spectacular Experience!


(Amboseli Balloon Safaris fly daily over Amboseli National Park which lies on the border with Tanzania, Kajiado District in the Southern Part of Kenya. and covers an area of 392square Kilometers. The entire safari takes 3 and a half Hours)


Amboseli Balloon SafarisMount Kilimanjaro as seen from the Hot Air Balloon Ride - Amboseli


Amboseli Balloon Safari

Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Safaris View Rates, Discounted Prices - Book & Save Now!

Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Safaris; Amboseli Hot Air Balloon rides are available in Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Orange flames dance as they light up the cool crisp Amboseli dawn filling the balloon with hot air. It’s a few precious minutes to sunrise and the balloon begins its tranquil ascent into the Amboseli skyline.


Drift with the gentle wind across the myriad of pinks, oranges and purples lighting up the Amboseli sky as you watch the spectacular ‘African sunrise’.


Amboseli Hot Air Ballooning is without doubt the most romantic way to fly… Imagine floating over the open plains and watching as the sunrise turns the awe inspiring Mt. Kilimanjaro the highest in Africa a purple hue, and the snows on its Kibo peak, a delicate pink.


The magnificent sight of Kilimanjaro above herds of elephant crossing the plains of Amboseli is a timeless African image and one of life’s most memorable experiences.


Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Safaris allows you to spot buffalo, zebra or giraffes happily roaming the Park, perhaps even the king of the jungle (Lion) enjoying an early morning kill.


Get an aerial view of the authentic Masai villages (Manyattas)...the list is endless and after about an hour depending on the conditions, the balloon will slowly descend on the red volcanic ash of the Amboseli earth.


As balloons only go where the wind takes them, each balloon flight is a unique journey of its own.


Ballooning in Kenya

Ballooning in Kenya

Ballooning over Mashes

Ballooning over Mashes

Amboseli Balloon breakfast

Amboseli Balloon breakfast

Amboseli Balloon Safaris Prices

Amboseli Balloon Safaris Rates are based on Per Flight
Dates From
Dates To

Price Per

Person Adult

Child 11.99 Years

and Below

1st Jan 2013
31st Dec 2013
470 US Dollars
350 US Dollars



* Flight Time

* Balloon flight of up to one hour

* Champagne breakfast (Full Hot English breakfast)

* Pick Up : From any Lodge or Camp in Amboseli National Park
Balloon Safari Destination: Amboseli (Kilimanjaro View) Kenya

* Game drive return transfer to starting point or lodge/camp, as required

* In order to secure bookings guests are required to make full payment at the time of booking due to limited seats avaialble at any given time




Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Breakfast
Amboseli Hot Air Balloon
breath taking early morning flight is crowned with a very personalized traditional champagne (good ol’ sparkling wine’) breakfast in the bush.


Seasonal fruits, freshly made bacon, sausage, eggs, mushroom, and tomato among a host of others are all set out for the intrepid travelers. Do something that you would only otherwise dream of doing ….


Sit out in the wild of Africa, on the slopes of the highest mountain in Africa; eavesdrop at the calls of the wild animals in the distance while casually sipping the finest of Kenya’s aromatic coffee.


Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Game drive

An open land 4 x 4 Land rover patiently waits, to treat you to a game drive on the way back to your lodge.


Amboseli Hot Air BalloonAmboseli Hot Air Balloon Safari


Program Highlights:

* Balloon safari over the plains of Amboseli with a view of Mount Kilimanjaro
* Champagne bush breakfast
* Game drive


Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Safari Itinerary

* Wake up call may differ depending on the pickup from the Lodge or Camp

* Wake up call at 0530 Hours

* Tea or coffee will be served at your lodge or camp before the drive to the launch site
* Pre-flight briefing by pilot at 0600 Hours
* Lift off at 0615 Hours. Flight lasts approximately one hour
* Champagne bush breakfast after the flight
* Return to lodge or camp around 0930 Hours enjoying a game drive on route




Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Included features
* Champagne bush breakfast
* Game drive on route to the lodge or camp
* Breakfast beverages: champagne, tea, coffee and juice
* All VAT, state levies, service charge and related taxes

* Professional Kilimanjaro - Amboseli ballooning services

* 24 Hours-7 days office and cellular emergency contact details while in Kenya

* All point-to-point personalized transfer service to the balloon site as in the program

* First class transportation in a custom designed safari vehicle abiding by vehicle standards

* Pre-planning professional program expertise, resource guiding along with firsthand experience
* All gratuities except to driver-guides, game rangers, escort, and lodge, hotel, camp or bar staff


Amboseli Hot Air Balloon Excluded features

Personal expenses such flying doctor service, travelers insurance; Amboseli accommodation, communication charges, visas, international airfares; flights to Amboseli, meals, drinks, excursions, optional activities or sightseeing not included in the itinerary.

Amboseli Hot Air Balloon
Amboseli Hot Air Balloon

Amboseli Hot Air Balloon (All Questions Answered!)

1. Is ballooning dangerous?
Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris use a large modern passenger balloon which gives passengers added stability, security and comfort.


Despite being high in the air, you will be surprised how smooth the flight is, and how secure you feel as safety is our priority and Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris only fly in perfect weather conditions.


You also feel reassured in the knowledge that ballooning is one of the safest of all the adventure activities. Add to that Our perfect safety record, and you are assured of peace of mind when you fly with Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris.


2. What weather conditions do you fly in?
In order to fly Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris
needs light winds and good visibility with no rain. The launch site is chosen with regard to the wind speed and direction. If the weather does not cooperate the flight will be postpone and reschedule at the guests convenience, based on availability.


3. How high do we fly?
Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris flights generally fly from treetop to 3000 feet above ground level.


4. What do we wear?
Dress comfortably based on the temperatures on the ground; remember that temperatures in the air are similar to those on the ground. It is advisable that passengers should wear clothing suitable for the time of year with flat-soled shoes not high heels.


Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris suggest hats, sun glasses and long trousers and sleeves, preferably made of natural fibres.


5. How long does it take and where do we land?
The entire safari takes 3 and a half hours. You will be picked up from your lodge in Amboseli at around 5.30am and taken to the launch site, where you will begin your ascent a few minutes before sunrise.


The hot air balloon safari will take about an hour depending on conditions and the pilot will land the balloon in a safe place free from animals and trees.


6. What happens after we have landed?
Our crew who has been following the balloon will meet the balloon at the landing site. After a photo session to record your unique flight, we depart for Breakfast, where you will share in the 200 year-old tradition of a complimentary champagne toast.


7. How does the chase crew know where the balloon is going?
The chase crew is in contact with the pilot at all times and follows the balloon while you are in flight. The chase crew is well briefed and experienced.


8. Pilot Briefing?
The previous evening, the pilot will give you the exact time you will be collected at your lodge and all the information that you need to be ready. Keep in mind that ballooning is weather permitting and if the pilot feels it not safe, he will cancel the flight.


9. Where and when do we meet?
We meet approximately one hour before sunrise at your hotel. From there Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris transport balloon guests to one of the launch sites. The launch site is chosen by the pilot, based on wind direction. As passengers, the pilot will give you two briefings.


The first will be just after you have got into the basket prior to taking off. The second will be shortly before landing.


10. Can we bring cameras?
Guest are welcome to bring cameras and binoculars are especially recommended on the flight, however
Amboseli Kilimanjaro ballooning Safaris flights do not accept responsibility for personal belongings.



Booking & Reservations for Amboseli Hot Air Balloon rides are available in Amboseli National Park in Kenya

Booking Office Tel: + 254 (0) 20 2437871

Mobile : 0721242711 (Safaricom) - Kenya

Email: info@africanspicesafaris.com





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