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5 Days Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Budget Safari

(5 Days/ 4 Nights Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Budget Safari is an extraordinary adventure into the mountains of Uganda to meet the endangered gorillas in their natural habitat as well as visiting the phenomenal Lake Bunyoni, Africa's deepest crater Lake. A unique Uganda Gorilla Experience that starts and ends in Kampala, Uganda)




5 Days Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Budget Safari

5 Days Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Budget Safari View Rates, Prices - Book Now!

5 Days/ 4 Nights Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Budget Safari departs & ends in Kampala Uganda. Our five day gorilla adventure safari starts in Uganda's capital, Kampala, we cross the equator and head west to explore the habitat of the African mountain gorillas where they can be found in their natural environment.


The region around the Virunga Volcanoes on the border of Uganda is beautiful, with lush vegetation and forestry. Neighboring countries include Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo which are the only places on earth the mountain gorillas still exist.


Getting up close to these phenomenal animals is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience not easily forgotten! By visiting these endangered primates on the Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Safari you contribute towards the continued survival of the gorillas in their natural environment.


We also explore scenic Lake Bunyoni, the deepest crater lake in Africa, home to an abundance of birds and plants.


5 Days Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Budget Safari Highlights Includes:

* Scenic Lake Bunyoni camping & optional activities

* Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda National Parks



5 Days Uganda Gorillas & Lake Bunyoni Budget Safari Itinerary

Day 1 to 4: Kampala – Drive to Lake Bunyoni

On the first day we depart from Kampala early in the morning heading west into the heart of Uganda. Our overnight base is located at the scenic Lake Bunyoni, “place of many little birds”.


Around 200 bird species have been recorded at this tranquil lake dotted with islands. From Lake Bunyoni we have the option of participating in exciting Gorilla Trekking excursions.


The gorilla treks take place in the Magahinga or Bwindi National Parks (Uganda), Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo), or Ruhengeri National Park (Rwanda); depending on the availability of gorilla trekking permits.


The prices of the gorilla trekking permits are subject to change, sometimes without advanced notice. The price of the permit is currently at 600 US Dollars, depending on which National Park we are gorilla trekking in. The permit fee is money well spent as it is used to conserve the mountain gorillas.


A local transport and handling fee is charged, at between 65 US Dollars to 70 US Dollars per person (this includes the return transfer and booking fee with the Wildlife Authority).


When trekking takes place in the DRC or Rwanda, we will also need to pay for the additional visa for either country, as well as renewing our Ugandan visa when we re-enter the country. Please take these extra costs into account when budgeting for the gorilla trekking excursions.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda:

With only about 700 mountain gorillas remaining, gorilla trekking is an extraordinary opportunity to encounter these gentle primates in the wild.


On these unforgettable treks we get to watch the mountain gorilla (Gorilla Gorilla Berengei), one of our closest living relatives, in its natural habitat – a rare and unique wildlife experience. The gorillas are monitored on a daily basis giving the rangers a good idea of where to find these endangered primates at any given time. This said, sightings of the mountain gorillas cannot be guaranteed, as they are still free roaming wild animals.


These mountain gorillas share much of our DNA, therefore anyone with even the mildest cold or any transferable disease will not be permitted on the gorilla treks.


There is an age restriction of a minimum of 16 years of age for trekking. The number of daily visitors allowed on the gorilla treks is limited, thus we depart from our Lake Bunyoni base in small groups over the next 3 to 4 days, depending on the size of our group.


From Lake Bunyoni we wind our way through some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa, traveling to Kisoro town, our next overnight base. (If we are gorilla trekking in Rwanda our overnight stay will be in Ruhengeri). The next morning, we pack a picnic lunch and transfer to a ranger’s station, the starting point for our trek.


The rangers lead you through cultivated lands and onwards into the dense rain forest in search of a family of gorillas. Gorilla trekking can take anything from 45 minutes to 8 hours depending on how easy the gorillas are to locate. Trekking can be fairly strenuous; therefore it is necessary for participants to be reasonably fit.


We get to spend a maximum of one hour with the mountain gorillas in the wild, to ensure that the animals do not get too accustomed to humans and to protect them from any of our diseases. The visit allows for ample time to observe the gorillas from close range and take photographs of them.


Your ranger will be able to give you the background on the particular gorilla family that you encounter. When your visit comes to an end you trek back through the rain forest to the meeting point, from where you are transferred back to our Lake Bunyoni base.


The increase in daily trekking plays a vital role in the conservation of these endangered mountain gorillas. After years of being ruthlessly hunted for their hands and heads, to be sold as ashtrays and lampshades, tourism is helping to ensure the survival of this threatened species.


Large numbers have also been killed while attempting to stop poachers from stealing baby gorillas to sell to zoos, where their life span is never long.


The entire cost of the gorilla trekking permits is used by the National Park authorities to protect the gorillas. The permit fee is used to fund patrolling, key to protecting the gorillas from poachers and deadly snares, as well as to promote awareness of these unique animals.

Lake Bunyoni:

Lake Bunyoni, a nature lover’s delight, is the deepest Crater Lake in Africa. There are a number of activities for you to enjoy at Lake Bunyoni, while you wait for your turn to go gorilla trekking.


These activities include: hiking in the hills of this beautiful area, canoeing on the lake or going on a bird watching walk in this birding paradise. Or you can experience the culture of Uganda by visiting a local village or church or exploring the local markets of Kabale.


You could also choose to take it easy, simply relaxing on the tranquil shores of Lake Bunyoni or taking a dip in its clean waters.


Meal Plan: {Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner}

Day 5: From Lake Bunyoni – Drive to Kampala

After the once-in-a-lifetime gorilla trekking experience and soaking up the serenity of Lake Bunyoni, we start driving back to Kampala. We then cross the Equator for the second time on our safari and stop to capture the must-have "one foot in each hemisphere" classic photo.


This memorable Ugandan Gorillas and Lake Bunyoni Safari comes to a close in Kampala.


Meal Plan: {Breakfast and Lunch}



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